True Tears – 03

When Shin sees Noe with another guy, he assumes she has a boyfriend and jumps to some conclusions while trying to figure out if the reason Hiromi wanted to befriend Noe was to get close to him.


I absolutely love this series so far. It’s a great romance anime, having characters that are much more different then some other more clichéd roles. The thing that kind of surprises me when I think about this show is that I find it so interesting when nothing much has actually happened yet. No big events, no huge character revelations, nothing really has happened in the overall sense regarding character relationships, feelings, or drama. Still, it manages to be very interesting. I’m still very unsure of Hiromi’s feelings. It’s not obvious that she likes Shin if she does, which makes things a lot more complicated and interesting. She says she likes Noe’s brother, which fits the whole getting close to a person close to the one you like, but then she seemed to react strangely if that was true when she saw that Shin was in earshot. So overall, I’m not sure but I’m certainly looking forward to finding out.

One thing that seemed a bit unusual or at least something that seems like it will have some significance later on is how Shin’s mother seems to almost hate Hiromi. His father was pretty much saying they should treat her like their daughter but not only did his mother not think that way, she seemed disgusted at the idea. I’m curious as to what kind of past or issue the two of them have.

Ai really caught my interest in this episode. I’ve always been aware of her, considering she’s one of the three girls featured in the OP so much I knew she would be important, but they are starting to reveal a bit more now. Even though it seems like she’s technically going out with Shin’s friend, there are defiantly some feelings there, if nothing else because it’s obvious due to her being a main character. She seemed to understand the whole getting close to someone who’s close to the person you like thing, which could be what was her original plan when she made friends with Shin’s friend and then whatever relationship formed from that. Nothing big has really happened at all from her, and I doubt it will any time soon. She seems like the kind of character who will get maybe one episode of drama after slowly building it up while they deal with the others.

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  1. Hiromi really is a strange character. Just something about that girl has me feeling a bit odd at times. Feels like she is trying to suppress feelings for Shin. Maybe because she has moved in and is supposed to be part of that family. May feel that getting into a relationship wouldn’t be right. Or maybe after losing so much she is afraid of that kind of attachment.

    Would bet that saying she liked Noe’s brother was just a lie to get Tomoyo off her back. She didn’t even say the guy’s name, the number may have just popped into her head. Though it makes things interesting since it could put that getting closer to a person near the one you like into Shin’s head. I’m just running off the gut feeling she likes Shin.

    Ai is a character who hasn’t gotten much attention yet, but is interesting. Don’t think she is going out with Shin’s friend. Just haven’t gotten that feeling from her side of it. Think his friend is getting ahead of himself in presuming there is a relationship there. Clearly she likes Shin, but the situation is complicated with his friend having feelings for her. Hopefully we get more from her later.

    Noe has even invaded the guy’s dreams. He’s turning into the prize chicken since she can use him for rides :). Really is an unusual girl and also one I want to find out more about. Still plenty of questions and whether she will be the one ending up with Shin or not.

    Show really has done a good job of feeling interesting while not a ton has happened. Shin’s mother is really turning into the hated member of the household. Gets into arguments with Shin and really dislikes Hiromi. Not sure what will happen, but will enjoy following this one.

  2. Oh so that’s what Hiromi was saying at the end…I saw her talking to her friend (Tomoyo I think?)…and then she walked off and saw SHin and had that surprised look…I was guessing she had said something like “I don’t like SHin or something…”…but now it makes sense^^

    Yeah, the mother does seem to be quite mean to Hiromi…it made me wonder why too.

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