H2O – Footprints in the Sand – 03

When Hirose suspects that Hinata and Hayami used to be friends in the past, he tries to figure out what happened between the two of them.


Wow… I’m not quite sure where to begin. This episode was great, and just overall this show has been pretty good. There are defiantly some things that aren’t the best about it, the way they handled the eyesight thing, but overall I’m just amazed at the amount of mystery this show has. There are so many things that I’m trying to figure out as I watch this that its defiantly got me extremely invested in watching each episode. It’s far more then an ordinary harem type show. I’m not going to defend that too much, because I’ve said it several times before how pissed I am at people who group shows based on a genre. Just because there are multiple girls here doesn’t mean this show will be like all other harem and love triangle shows. Anyways, the fact that there is such a serious tragic past to these characters defiantly makes it something that I’m looking forward to watching more and finding out what happens.

I’m still pretty confused as to what exactly happened in the past between Hinata and Hayami. Originally as I was watching this I thought it was still something along the lines of perhaps Hayami accidentally burned something important to Hinata, which is why she is hated, but that didn’t make sense why the whole village hated her. However, when Hinata mentioned her sister I guessed that her sister died in whatever was Hayami’s fault, which would explain a bit more this huge hatred. However, for the most part, that idea and theory was completely thrown out the window. It really looked like, from one of the flashbacks, that Hayami’s house was the one being burned down by the villagers. What the hell is up with that? Was Hayami’s and her family marked as bad before this fire thing? Were they marked as bad before Hayami made friends with Hinata or was that what marked them as bad or was that just the event that triggered the house burning? There are still so many questions and I’m finding it very interesting to try and figure out what’s going to happen.

I was pretty surprised by the kiss at the end. I’m not sure if Hinata did that JUST because she wanted Hayami to see or for another reason, but right now I just feel so sorry for Hayami in every way. The one time she gets close t o having a friend or more or less has a friend, everyone is doing everything to keep them apart or make it so she’s causing someone else to be hated for being with her. Then she sees this, it just seems horrible for her. I am a bit curious as to why Hinata is so pressed upon to be “a good girl” Her grandfather obviously is kind of pushing this on her, but why? There are just so many things going on with this show which is what makes it far beyond a normal harem, love triangle, whatever. Even if others have tragic pasts, this one is still interesting.

When Hirose suspects that Hinata and Hayami used to be friends in the past, he tries to figure out what happened between the two of them.

3 thoughts on “H2O – Footprints in the Sand – 03”

  1. At the moment its hard to not be really annoyed with Hinata. Goes out and befriends Hayami, but after they tell her that Hayami is a bad girl she abandons her. Even now she just stands aside and doesn’t do anything while this all is going down. Clearly her grandfather has pushed a lot on her and this “good girl” thing has been engraved into her. Then she tosses that kiss onto Hirose either to just get Hayami mad or to stop him. Eitehr way I’m hoping for more development with Hinata.

    Feel for Hayami who clearly has had a really bad life so far. Still some mystery regarding her past, but seems like this village has persecuted her family for a very long time. Though there is nothing that can excuse it I still want some sort of explanation with this village. Going and burning down homes and beating on girls, just what the heck is going on here?

    In everything Hirose stands true. He doesn’t have all the answers of course, but does what he feels is right. No matter what tries to stand by Hayami. Harder for him to do somethign about Hinata than standing up to guys putting down a beating. Still proud of him for doing what he could. Plus the funny moment with him going to see Hayami on the hill. The whole talking to himself thing was funny.

    Wonder how Hayami will act from here on. Early on we got her trying to explain away why she would be waiting for Hirose. Really going all out to figure out her excuse before he got there. I’m sure she’ll be really hurt here. Hopefully things can be patched up. She is a person who has had a lot of bad experiences and trust can’t be an easy thing for her.

  2. i did not like hinata… she’s more like a betrayer… she abandons hayami when she calls out for her to help… and what she did..and saying herself is a good girl.. makes me feel more disliked her more… i think the whole thing got something to do with hinata’s grandfather….

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