Clannad – 14

Tomoya continues to try and fix Kotomi’s garden in time for her birthday, while remembering more and more about his past with her.


I thought this episode was great. I did tear up at the end, I’ll say that now. It wasn’t super emotional, I wasn’t really crying, but I did defiantly tear up when they showed the suitcase with the teddy bear inside. Honestly though, I would have to say that I remember tearing up a lot more for Fuuko’s arc. I can’t really say right now for sure, but I didn’t like Fuuko’s arc THAT MUCH more then Kotomi’s, but I would defiantly say hers ended up being more emotional. They were still both great, as I said I’m not sure but I am kind of leaning towards liking Kotomi’s arc more while Fuuko’s remained more emotional. Fuuko just seemed to get a bit too annoying at times, while Kotomi not only had a more calm personality while still having funny quirks, but it’s almost as if her arcs basis in reality helped out. Fuuko’s was supernatural, while Kotomi’s was completely realistic, so that could have played a part. However I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen the end of the supernatural arcs. Although…now that I think about it I’m not too sure what other supernatural things they can throw in. I’m pretty sure Ryou and Kyou will just have something where Kyou tries to get Ryou and Tomoya together but falls for him herself which is all realistic, and I’m not sure about Tomoyo but I can’t think of anything right now. I’m only thinking Nagisa will have something because of how mysterious any arc involving her seems to be.

I am a bit disappointed that they didn’t put any conclusion to the whole Kotomi is considering transferring to a school in America thing. Although that didn’t turn out to be the main issue with her, it was her past and the fate of her parents; it’s still something they left rather open. Perhaps they’ll address it down the road when it doesn’t matter at all or will forget they even mentioned it.

As far as where the show is going now, I’m not sure. This was pretty much the end of Kotomi’s arc, yet the preview wasn’t obvious on who was the next girl to be focused on. I would guess Nagisa would be saved to last so it’s either Kyou/Ryou next or Tomoyo. Still, the preview seemed to address basketball and didn’t really show any of the girls that much, so perhaps there will be some break before the next arc of one or two episodes

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  1. Amazing how long it took me to go and see this episode.

    Everything got settled and pulled together. Perhaps the only supernatural thing here was that no one stole bear as it got passed around. But it was a pretty emotional moment when they found out everything. Her parents put everything else aside to bet on the chance the bear would make it to her.

    Guess we can just assume that she decided not to transfer after all. Since everything was settled there was no need to run from it all anymore. Plus that older guy may finally lose the title of the bad man.

    If basketball is in the preview then I’d bet on Kyou getting the next one. Seeing the OP and her bouncing one just seems like a likely thing. Nagisa clearly will be saved for last though she has played a role in Fuuko and Kotomi’s arcs.

    Still the mystery of that robot guy and the girl. This was a good episode though and Kotomi had a fine arc. Just a sad background, but things ended fine. Feel bad for Sunohara who had much more to do in the previous arc in comparison. Liked that one a bit more due to the strain of people fighting against losing their memories.

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