KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 14

Kouichi tries to come up with ways to spend time with Hoshino before she has to move away.


This episode was pretty good; the show seems to be continually moving at a rather steady pace without any really big things happening. However right now in the story I would defiantly say that Kazuki’s story and love triangle with Futami and Sakino is way more interesting. Even though it may seem to be technically a love triangle its way more complex and interesting then a lot of the others that shows have. The girls don’t all just fawn over him, Sakino likes him but he likes Futami kind of, yet Futami doesn’t fully like him, as she has no idea what love or emotions are really about. I really think that Futami is what makes or breaks this situation; because without her the way she is it would just be a normal love triangle. Just seeing her development individually is the best part of this series right now, seeing her grow to care more for Kazuki but not knowing she’s falling for him, while also not know just what love in general is. Her development is just great. Although, because she’s such a important character it seems inevitable that she’ll end up with Kazuki, as its too sad for her to end up with no one after coming this far and however far she will reach, so it sucks for Sakino, but overall its just very exciting to watch.

As I said, Kazuki’s story is the most interesting and exciting right now, but mainly because Kouichi’s story seems to have stalled. Although its incredibly sweet and cute to see Hoshino and Kouichi be together, and there is some drama and conflict with her moving away, right now its still roughly the same no drama situation. Until Hoshino actually leaves I don’t think Kouichi’s story will be that interesting, just kind of sweet to watch. Even then, if Hoshino doesn’t somehow for some reason break off the relationship saying she doesn’t want to cause trouble or whatever, if they continue their long distance relationship it will still manage to be relatively calm. The potential for Kouichi’s story is Mao but I don’t see her doing much until Hoshino moves away at least.

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  1. Yeah really the love triangle has reached a much higher level of interest to me. Do think Eriko’s development has been a great thing to watch. Just going from the start of the series to this point she really has come a long way (though her sense of taste is still out there.) She’s become much better at interacting with others and watching her feelings in regards to Kazuki grow has been nice.

    Even Kazuki himself has gone through some good development. Just this episode showing him get much more serious and going after a goal with all he has. Pretty good soccer talent, but never having the drive to really try. His interactions with Asuka and Eriko have really helped him as a person.

    In the end it does give the feeling of Kazuki ending up with Eriko. After all they’ve gone through and the character development it seems likely. Though just makes me feel bad anyways since I like all three of them and someone gets hurt here.

    And once again nice that the frogs got shut down :). Those things…

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