Da Capo II – 12

When Sawai continues her actions against Minatsu, Yoshiyuki tries to do something but Minatsu just takes it, but Sawai changes her mind when something unexpected happens.


I thought this episode was great. It really made some changes in everything that was going on, putting a conclusion to everyone hating Minatsu but also bring forth yet another problem that is a lot more definite. Before everyone hating her was just some ongoing thing, but her getting expelled is an exact action. I’m sure it will be fine in the end but it’s still pretty interesting, as I’m not sure how exactly they’ll fix it. Even though Yoshiyuki was looking for Sakura, its not like things will be fixed if he finds her, so I’m not sure what’ll happen.

Even though I knew it was coming, as in really knew it was coming because I spoiled myself and read summaries, it was still a pretty important scene when Koko breaks up with Yoshiyuki. It defiantly took some courage, as she still does love him but just realizes she isn’t really fit for him and at this time being with him is causing her to not have as much fun with him. Even though she said something along the liens of someday maybe they can get back together if it fits more, that’s not going to happen. They are done, but the way they broke up was great because it really was sincerely because being friend suited them better, not because they disliked each other or anything like that. I would have been very disappointed if they ended up not being friends anymore. This pretty much leaves the door open for second season and having Yoshiyuki end up with any girl other then Minatsu or Koko. I say not Minatsu because even though they are still dealing with Minatsu, and Yoshiyuki will likely do something to help her its not as if they end up together. This season kind of knocks Minatsu and Koko’s arcs out of the way, but more on that and my theories for next season in the final post. Right now this really is pretty much the definite end for Koko and Yoshiyuki being together, but at least they’re still friends.

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