Da Capo II – 11

The class rep, whose family was destroyed by robots, takes it upon herself to see that action is taken against Minatsu.


This episode was alright, it’s still keeping things rather interesting and exciting considering how much turmoil everything is in, but really for the most part not much happened in this episode. Even though things have gone to hell and everything is pretty screwed, Minatsu’s secret, everyone’s feelings towards her, Koko’s feelings, Yoshiyuki and Koko’s relationship, everything is at the breaking point pretty much, but this episode just pretty much showed that. It didn’t actually do anything to change it. Which isn’t really that bad, after all the episode was still exciting because of the situation, so it’s not like a huge fluff episode. Still, I do wish things would move along a bit. Of course, this could be because I saw this episode right after the previous due to a batch release of episodes, so I didn’t have a week in between. So it was a good episode but in the end didn’t have much that actually changed.

I’m still pretty unsure as to how they are going to solve the Minatsu’s problem. As I said it’s not really that realistic to change a general moral question among everyone whether robots are good or bad, and it would be a bit ridiculous to say that everyone in the world is ok with it, and even a bit of a stretch to say the whole school does. Right now the main thing seems to be getting the class rep to not hate robots or at least Minatsu. I suppose if they announced the truth to all the students and she along with all the other big names o the school like Otome and Nanaka say that its fine things might be alright, but it seems like the climax of the show, for Minatsu’s arc at least, will come down to changing the class reps’ point of view.

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