H2O – Footprints in the Sand – 02 (Rocking My Soul A Bit More)

Hirose tries to make the most of everything now that his sight has returned, and tries to find out why everyone hates Hayami so much.


This episode was great. This series is really becoming amazingly interesting. There are just so many things going on that I’m trying to figure out, all while watching it I’m just trying to fit together the pieces. I absolutely love shows that have this kind of story. I was just seeing all these clues and trying to tie everything together, I love figuring out story line and plot like this. The only thing I really had a rather big problem with is how the hell come everyone seemed to act like Hirose never had a sight problem to begin with? Not only did they openly accept his vision, they didn’t even question it. Aside from that, this episode really just brought up a lot of questions.

The main thing that really has me interested, as I said above, is there are so many questions I have about what’s going on. However it’s in a good and intriguing way. First is why everyone hates Hayami. That really seems to be the major huge million dollar question, why does everyone hate her so much. It’s not like any normal hatred, she is beaten and humiliated daily and the teacher allows it? She’s refereed to as a horrible monster? The only thing that pops into my mind right now is fire. They showed some flashbacks and there seemed to be flames, but t didn’t show exactly what. I can only think that she caused some kind of fire when she was young, but even that doesn’t seem anywhere near bad enough for her to be treated like this, especially because she was a kid when it happened. Even if it wasn’t really a complete accident, she was a kid.

The second big question, what exactly is the history and connection that Hinata and Hayami have. It’s obviously something, as there were several flashbacks, albeit it two second ones, that showed Hayami and Hinata together as kids. Hinata gave Hayami some candy. However after they showed the fire, which is the only clue there is for why everyone hates Hayami, Hinata seemed almost especially hurt by it and ran away from her. Perhaps all there is to the story between them is they used to be friend sand then she didn’t want anything to do with her because of the event. However, I think it’s a bit more, like whatever happened impacted Hina more or something.

Third, why is Hirose so damn important to Hinata? First off she seems to really want to be around him, she wanted to spend time with him and just be close to him a lot. That could be explained by her liking him but there was a bit in the first episode where she said to her father or grandfather or some guy in her household that Hirose was here, so its almost as if Hirose holds some special significance to something perhaps supernatural, which is why Hinata needs to be around him. This of course and the fact that he was blind and now can see.

3 thoughts on “H2O – Footprints in the Sand – 02 (Rocking My Soul A Bit More)”

  1. This episode rocked my soul considerably less, mainly due to the unrealistic way the lead male character, and everyone else for that matter, reacted to the miracle of suddenly regaining one’s sight. I would have expected the lead to be surprised at how everything, and everyone, looked, and the other characters to be either surprised or dislike the lead as a result. As one would have noticed, everyone acted as if nothing had transpired in this episode, which greatly deprecated the quality of the anime in my opinion.

    Hirose should’ve stayed blind. That way, this anime would have at least been unique. Now I look at it and I feel as if I’m just looking at another early stage harem, where the male is trying to herd together his stock of females, each with some odd unimaginably tragic past or something.

  2. While I agree it might make the show a bit less unique that the lead is no longer blind I think that in absolutely no way does it make this show just like other harem shows. It kind of pisses me off when people just group together shows based on a genre, even harem. This series has already shown, even if it didn’t have th blindness thing to begin with, that there are a lot more serious and tragic pasts to the characters which make it interesting and unique enough to be good.

    The way you grouped things together was syaing that the characters had a tragic past so its like all other shows with characters with tragic pasts, and thats absolute crap. Of course there are going to be shows that re use things like tragic pasts, because its interesting. It doesn’t mean that this show will be anything like other shows that have characters with tragic pasts.

  3. I’m going to assume they had a time jump or something between the first and second episode. No other reason why no one would react to him suddenly being able to see things. Either way it was handled pretty badly there. If there was a jump at least show that, or deal with them handling that information, or if Otoha had some ability to change people’s memories of him not being able to see say that. Just a minor grumble on the episode in general.

    Honestly thought this was a fine episode. Still the terrible treatment of Hayami by everyone. Even the teacher’s just turn a blind eye. I’m surprised they didn’t have a group beating in the class with the way no one seems to care or at least won’t do anything.

    I’m honestly more curious about what’s happened in that place. Why is that single girl ostracized by the community, living alone isolated on the other side of that bridge. I’m going to give major props to the lead for standing for what he felt was right. Going to help Hayami even if she didn’t want him involved, helping her up after they dumped that toilet water on her. Regardless he’s shown to be a good guy.

    Though got into a few troubles (slap) and being tied to a tree for perhaps using his new found sight a little too much :D.

    Guess they wanted to get in the blind guy fanservice early since they don’t seem to be going back there. Might explain why they maximized that so much.

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