Episode of the Week – 01.12 – Clannad – 13

Episode of the Week:

Clannad – 13

This was a bit hard of a week just because there was a huge amount of shows that were released that I ended up watching. I’m not sure what the sub release schedule will be like once things get more settled, but I did get a couple of shows today that I’ll have to wait for next week, and they fit there partially because I watched the first episode this week and the second was also released. That didn’t’ seem like it fit. Anyways, things will be pretty busy I think, as several shows are already rather deeply developed, and the other shows have yet to reveal what will be the major interest point.

I had to give this week’s award to Clannad. Mainly because the first episode of the new series weren’t so amazing that they just blew me away. There are a couple I’m interested in, but nothing that was that great. Right now it seems like True Tears may be a big contender later down the road, while the rest aren’t going to approach being that good. However right now it’s not at that point. Clannad is deep in Kotomi’s arc and was defiantly the most interesting. It actually had some really emotional scenes in it, even when they just explained in detail something they had already revealed to us.

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