Clannad – 13

After learning of Kotomi’s troubled past, Tomoya tries to do something for Kotomi in order to bring her out of her room and her depression.


I thought this episode was great. Kotomi’s telling of her past was excellent. Even though I had pretty much figured out most of what was going on, already knowing her parents died and so on, I still found her story extremely interesting and emotional. For a non arc ending episode to be this emotional was pretty impressive to me. I didn’t cry or anything, but it was still great to see something that had this kind of feeling to it. Seeing Tomoya work so hard for Kotomi was awesome. I really am impressed with how righteous and noble of a male lead he is.

I’m still really curious as to what part, if any; supernatural aspects will play in this arc. The makers of this game have already established that there are some rather heavy and interesting supernatural things that go on, and this series already has shown that it’s not going to be completely realistic, seeing as Fuuko was a ghost. However, just because one girl has supernatural aspects doesn’t mean they all do. Really right now Kotomi could either have it or not. I’m not quite sure what it would be if it was there though. Right now the only thing they’ve established with her other then her parents death was that their research was on some alternate worlds and existences, that and her father talked a little bit about miracles. The next episode’s title says something about miracles, so there is still an opportunity for some odd things to happen, but seeing as how they are going to be introduced near the end of the arc, I’m not sure how well they’ll do. There is of course the option of no supernatural things happening, and that’s fine, but I’m really not sure what else they’re going to do with her. Have some drama over whether or not she’ll be friendly again and if she’ll go to America? That’s a bout it, but who knows, they could do a good job with just that.

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  1. Well I thought Fuuko was more of an astral projection than a ghost. After all she isn’t dead just in a coma.

    Yeah right now doesn’t seem to be too supernatural. Dying in a plane sadly is a type of tragedy that happens. Definitely feel for Kotomi since that’s a rough situation to go through. Certainly one way of dealing with things by locking herself away while trying to atone.

    Probably wouldn’t put it over the part where Fuuko started to disappear from people’s memories. But was still a good job telling the sad tale of Kotomi. Will look forward to what they plan to do.

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