KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 13

Hoshino tells Kouichi of her situation and why she is sad when she begins to get closer to him and further in their relationship.


Wow, I was a bit surprised at this episode…well, really just the ending scene, as that seems to be the most exciting in every single episode. Still, I wasn’t quite expecting Kouichi to be so supportive of Hoshino moving away. I thought it would be a situation where he would be devastated by it and they would pretty much break up. The way I saw this show as going later on was that Hoshino would move away which would free Kouichi up, and he would end up with Mao after overcoming a bit form the break up. However, if her moving away doesn’t kill the relationship then it’s going to be a lot harder for him to end up with Mao. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, as I feel sorry for Hoshino, but they keep dropping so many hints about how much Kouichi and Mao kind of have feelings for each other so I’m just not sure what’s going to happen now.

Right now the problem seems to be that even if Hoshino doesn’t leave at all, the big thing that is indicating that the relationship won’t work is that when Kouichi was looking at Hoshino’s lips, he remembered Mao and Mao kept thinking of Kouichi. There is obviously something there and when it is shown it will be great.

I’m really feeling extremely sorry for Sakino. She is showing herself to be such an incredibly nice and kind person, yet it’s almost blatantly obvious that Kazuki is going to end up with Futami, she’s pretty much doomed. It’d be one thing if she was mean or bossy, but she has shown herself to be a very good person and I just feel sorry for her because I’m really pretty certain she’s not going to end up with Kazuki.

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  1. I kind of miss the old ending song. Seemed to work well for the series.

    Anyways as of now Kouichi is being supportive. Probably will try to keep his promise or at least begin his efforts to build up money. But as one would expect its going to be a tough thing to maintain a long distance relationship. Plus if he’s either heading out to see Yuumi or working it will have an impact on his relationships with everybody else. What the consequences of that will be is uncertain. Plus you have the flashes of Mao in Kouichi’s mind so his heart may be a bit uncertain overall.

    Well I wouldn’t cut out Asuka since anything can happen. Oddly Kazuki can drop her hopes and encourage her without ever being aware. But if she starts getting into things that might make Kazuki think. Right now he hasn’t had any conflict with feeling things for two people, but that can’t change.

    Maybe the end result will be KazukixEriko, but will at least be interesting to follow along and see if there are any surprises in how it concludes. I like both girls so it will be a bit sad to see one of them lose out.

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