D. Gray-Man – 65

The exorcists arrive at Japan and head for General Cross’s location with the help of Chom, trying to avoid the Akuma populated area which covers the whole country.


This episode was pretty good. Even though overall not much has happened, they are still just on their way to see Cross, even though they arrived on Japan. However even though not much happened, it was still exciting. The run in with the level threes was interesting, and even though, like I said, it didn’t amount to much, the overall situation and tension of what is going on was what made the episode so interesting. It seems that overall the situation is rather intense. This episode itself wasn’t that intense, but seeing as they are really involving the Noah’s family more and have pretty much said most of the main characters are in the heart of enemy territory, things are likely to pick up even more.

I thought the bit with Sachiko was interesting. I’m not sure what I’ll end up calling her/it but it was cool to see she/it had a human form. Although that probably complicates things as far as finding the human form attractive, still, pretty interesting.

I’m really curious as to what the hell is up with Road. They showed the scene in the OP where she is wrapped up by these weird white things and that seems to have finally happened in this episode, except I still have no cue as to what exactly it did. Its obviously part of some bigger overall thing but I don’t know what. They seem to be anticipating Ragnarok, which is the Norse end of the world (Although technically Ragnarok hasn’t happened yet, the Christians made it up to kill the religion, so as far as actual Norse belief if Ragnarok had happened already the world wouldn’t be here yet if you look it up there will be a description as to what happened during Ragnarok) Anyways, there seems to be some big end of the world thing the Earl is expecting and Road seems to be part of it, or part of them surviving it, but beyond that I’m clueless.

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  1. Yeah welcome back to Lavi’s “Strike”. Having Chomesuke look like that is definitely something that could be troublesome.

    Was a pretty rough match against that level 3. Important things like Krowy being unable to bite these guys and that’s all he has to work with. Certainly some difficult times ahead being in such a place.

    Interesting bit of information since by what that Skin guy said, Kanda’s group should be somewhere around also. Haven’t run into those guys in a while but seems like they are still alright so good to hear.

    Am heavily curious about what’s up with Road. She seems to be doing something important, but hard to say what. That ball pulsating almost makes it seem like a cocoon that she’s going to transform or something within.

    Lot of questions and leaving me looking forward to the next episodes.

  2. Just a bit of spoiler.

    Road is making the preparations to what the Earl said to the other Noahs about moving out from Edo in a new “box”.

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