True Tears – 01

Shin, a boy in high school, meets a mysterious girl, Noe, and tries to understand her while also dealing with two other girls in his life.


I was very impressed with this episode. I wasn’t really quite sure what to think about this show going into it, but really I see no problem with the show from just watching the first episode. The characters are interesting and the overall mood and feel of the sow seems really different form a lot of other romance shows. There seemed to be a lot of people who pretty much dismissed this show from the beginning, and I’m not sure why. It does look like a little ways down the road the show will get very emotional and heavy on feelings and so forth but it doesn’t seem like it will be in a bad way.

The characters really seem to be what’s interesting the most. On one hand they fit into generic character types such as school idol, childhood friend (I think Ai is) and then a very odd girl. However while the fit into those positions; they have other traits that really make them quite different. Living with the idol but having her be closed off and a loner, the childhood already involved with someone else, and the weird girl who talks about some very emotionally heavy subjects. I’m not quite sure as to what roles everyone will play. If I had to guess I’d say Noe would be the one he’d end up with, but the other girls have some very interesting stories too. Ai seems to have some kind o feelings for the guy I think, and Hiromi’s story in general seems like it will be interesting. All that plus the fact that Noe isn’t weird solely in a funny way, it could have some important implications in the kind of emotions and feelings go along with her.

Overall this episode really drew me into the series. I don’t know what some other people were saying when they dismissed this before even watching it or just after the first show because really the unique character perspectives make it very interesting.

4 thoughts on “True Tears – 01”

  1. Certainly was an interesting episode. The atmosphere felt heavy to me for some reason and apart from a few shows I’ve watched lately. Seems like all the characters have some problems that have to be dealt with. Not sure what to say about it otherwise.

    One thing that was surprising was actual blood. You know the red stuff? I guess since the chicken was not human it could still have the usual colour. Let the writers figure out why human beings evolved with ink for blood and the animal kingdom got the red.

    At the start there was just something that didn’t strike with me. But as the episode went along it got better. While I probably wouldn’t call it my favourite currently airing series its not bad. Some interesting personalities and should be a fine show.

  2. It looks interesting better check this out. Oh by the way I forgot to say to Flare Knight thanks for the uTorrent advise its very reliable.

  3. No problem, glad I could help out. It’s worked out well for me for as long as I’ve been making use of it.

    Well winter season is looking alright. Some interesting series along with the ones still running should do well.

  4. I like this anime^^…even though at the moment I have finished watching it yet lol…I had a feeling it would be a good anime ever since I saw the trailer for it.
    I’ve been watching it with chinese subtitles, even though I can’t really read chinese (>

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