Hayate no Gotoku – 39

Hayate goes to the superintendent to become her butler in order to save Nagi’s family estate.


This episode was great. It was absolutely crazy and a lot of it didn’t make any sense whatsoever, but it was still great. The one thing that just continually ran though my head while I watched this was “This is so incredibly ridiculous and stupid” yet it wasn’t in a bad way. I still enjoyed this episode even though it was absolute insanity. The extremely over the top attacks were great, Hayate going all super powered and rising up to the sky and battling some snake that turned into energy itself….it was great. Really you can’t take this show seriously at all because it goes back and forth from having realistic situations to absolutely insane ones. If you just look at the show as fun it will in fact be that, as it was for me.

Id does seem as if I was wrong about this actually being a final episode. Although I have to say it was still confusing as hell as to why they would word the episode title of these last two sows as a “preview” to the final episode. It’s not as if they jumped ahead in time or anything, these two episodes fit in the timeline with airing when they did. It seems as if the episodes to follow will also be right after these, so the whole “preview” thing was very misleading and confusing. Still, I wonder how much of it is a “preview” because they had to have some reason to say it like that. Himegami said something about needing more items to make some butler dragon thing, perhaps that story is part of the final climax, which would make getting this one item kind of like a preview. Aside from that I can’t think of much else. I don’t think the fourth season will be much different form the rest of the series even with this preview. The final episodes will likely have some kind of climax like this, but until then I’d guess it’d be pretty normal, which I am looking forward to. Extremely bizarre and ridiculous things are fine, but it will be nice to see a bit more normalcy return to the show, if the show can be considered normal in any possible way.

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