H2O – Footprints in the Sand – 01 (Rocks Your Soul… Maybe)

Takuma, a boy who is blind, transfers into a school in order to get better rest for his condition that caused him to go blind.


I thought this was extremely interesting. I’m not quite sure if it’s a good way or a bad way yet, but it was certainly a bit different from what I was expecting. Although, admittedly the main thing in my mind whenever I thought of H2O was the preview and that it was supposedly supposed to “Rock My Soul” I wasn’t surprised at the amount of ecchi comedy they had, having a blind guy in this kind of a series immediately lends itself to him feeling up girls and not doing it on purpose. That part didn’t really surprise me and I can live with a show if it has that kind of material. It doesn’t immediately strike my mind as the kind of content a serious show would have, but I’m not going to dismiss it because of it. I thought a lot of it was fairly funny and they didn’t solely focus on that. I was extremely surprised with the amount of mystery this show had. They had a supernatural aspect to things and then a mystery as to why this guy was so important and why they are beating up Hayami. I wasn’t quite expecting things to have this kind of focus. The most I thought this show would have would be his blindness being cured because of some love or romance thing. I had guessed that his blindness would be cured somehow but I thought it would be near the end and they wouldn’t really explain it well. The way they are doing it is much different and I’m not sure what to think of what’s going to happen.

I’m really wondering about all the supernatural things now. Otoha seemed to say that she would give him his sight but only for a short while. How sort I don’t know, one episode? Till the end of the show? I’m a bit surprised that he got his eyesight back this early because that seemed to be one of the more interesting parts about this show is that the main character was blind. Whether or not that’s all the supernatural things this show will have is unknown either. The class president seemed to be expecting the main character which is a bit of a mystery and just what the hell is going on with Hayami is a mystery too. They keep calling her Roach Woman and I’m really starting to wonder how accurate that description is giving the supernatural things going on.

Overall this show is a lot different then I expected, it seems to have a lot of characteristics of generic ecchi comedy shows but it is also, early on too, full of mystery and supernatural happenings which point to this show becoming a lot more then it seems.

2 thoughts on “H2O – Footprints in the Sand – 01 (Rocks Your Soul… Maybe)”

  1. I’d say interesting is a good way to describe this first episode. Honestly the beating of Hayami was pretty surprising. Leaving me pretty curious on what is happening there to cause such a thing and why everyone is condoning or ignoring it.

    Do hope the main character doesn’t keep the sight for too long since that blind factor is pretty interesting. Could actually turn out pretty risky. If he has his sight at school people may think he was pulling something before and if his sight goes again they may not trust him putting him in a spot like Hayami.

    Didn’t mind ecchi comedy on this one. Seems like you can have some good laughs with a blind protagonist in that fashion. Also did like Otoha from what we got to see of her. An interesting element and all this talk about the guy being the chosen one.

    Anyways a solid start and I’m looking forward to this season a lot more than I had earlier.

  2. I think the lead was ‘the chosen one’ to have his own harem, and we all know from experience that one cannot run a harem blind :p

    But yeah, this anime does look promising, and with good advertising is has become really popular.

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