Ah! My Goddess – Tatakau Tsubasa – 02 [Final]

Lind, Skuld, and Keiichi fight against Hild as she continues to try and capture all the goddess’ angels.


I thought this episode/second half of the overall OVA was incredible. They didn’t really waste any time in getting into the interesting bits of this. The fight against Hild was great. Plus seeing Belldandy as evil was very cool, even if she wasn’t really evil for very long. I do have to say that is one thing I wish they would have shown a little more, but given that they only had the amount of time of a normal anime episode, it was fine. However if they had more time I would have loved to see Belldandy be evil more and actually fight against everyone before she turned the demon angel good. That scene was pretty cool, as it does show how powerful Belldandy is despite how naïve and super cheerful she is. Then of course Keiichi using an angle was just awesome. Even though it wasn’t his angel and he didn’t keep it, the fact he was using one was something I wouldn’t have begun to suspect and just very very cool.

Since this “series” is only two episodes I’m not going to do a full “Final Words” Section where I talk about the series in general when I post on a final episode, but I wills ay that overall just really enjoyed this OVA. It was kind of like a small sample of a lot of the better parts of this series. There were some great back and forth between the characters, they had some fairly funny comedy bits when two characters didn’t get along, they had a great display of the magic story in Ah! My Goddess with the fight against Hild and the focus on the angels. Really it had all the good parts of Ah! My Goddess minus any real romance. Even though I’m a big romance fan, thinking it needs to be in everything, I still had no problem with this OVA not having any just because of how good all the rest of it was. However what this OVA overall seemed to really have going for it was amazing Lind development. She’s a character that is hardly ever featured in the previous series. I don’t know about the manga but I’m guessing she isn’t really a huge character there either. Still they managed to pretty much make this OVA completely about her. They gave her amazing development, even for a character you don’t know much about from the start you could tell she changed and you could appreciate her development, and that’s what I liked the most about this OVA, Lind.

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  1. You are the second bloger I found that is reviewing the OVAS, is a shame that only a few people care about such a good to the heart series like this one.

    Ok back to business,to be honest I didn’t like Lind but this OVA change my mind that’s for sure :)
    the way she smile at the end made me go all fuzzy inside.
    I agree with your first post, 2 episode OVA is better than nothing :P but I want a third season.

    good job and keep it up.

  2. My *short* first impression of the OVA. *Warning: Contains spoilers (kinda minor, I think).

    My my, how I’ve longed for this OVA. But now that I’ve actually seen these 2 special episodes, I’m quite disappointed. For me, the only good thing about it is the character & visual design (Hidenori Matsubara rocks!), but the rest made me feel that this “20th anniversary feature” has gone to waste. Maybe I’m a bit exaggerating but I can’t stop thinking how cheesy the whole thing turns out to be. First and most noticeable is how in nearly every fighting scene they replace the action sequences with merely representative frames, instead of actually doing the full animation. Second, their overall attempt at comedy fails rather miserably, such as: why should the graceful demon lord Hild say idiotic stuff like “dame da kore-a!” in that stupid dialect (kansai-ben?), plus the utter waste that is the presence of Marller. Third, to conclude, is the overall direction of these episodes itself, which covers how the plot is presented. The story is potentially deep but got directed into a merely decent show. Gah how I missed the splendor and solidness of the old Ah! My Goddess the Movie. Btw, I initially hoped that this part of the manga to be the end of the TV’s season 2, but after seeing this OVA, I actually prefer that Hild-as-Keichii’s-lover ending (although it failed to have a climax), or if you consider episode 24 to be the real season 2’s ending, I still prefer that over this OVA as well (the “suki gun” is actually funny). My impression is that those 2 episodes (22 & 24) have better direction & story flow. It feels like more flair was put into the OP of this OVA instead of the episode content itself. Oh well, so much to expect from this turned-out-to-be-budget-tight “20th anniversary tribute”. Nevertheless I’m probably gonna watch this OVA again (and maybe then my disappointment would gradually fade away). I hope the next installment of AMG is not directed only by the plain Hiroaki Gouda (or perhaps a new guy altogether, Kosuke Fujishima himself anyone?).

    PS. Thanks Xebec for posting all those nice screenshots~

  3. hey…
    can you tell me about season 3?
    can you hear rumors of that or not?
    because I’m not too smart for something like this…

    if you can.. please send the answer to my email…

    nice to meet u…

  4. Ok, like, you watch them on internet or something, or do you watch them on TV? Well well, noone knows, however, this mangas is the best I’ve ever readen, even though I’ve only readen them for… From last winter, recieved the first book from my older sister.
    But, do any of you know what OVA means, beats me. The movie is also great, really, but, I hope more peoples will read the books, I’ve readen 1-16 and 21-31, that’ll be a total amount of 26 books, here in sweden we’ve only gotten to 34, so I wonder, how many books is there? like 40 by now maybe :P…

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