Minami-ke – Quick Post – Final Impressions

It’s interesting to look and compare shows that are just pure comedy. There are some people who will like some shows that are just comedy while dislike other shows of the exact same genre. Its’ a bit peculiar sometimes as to why people like some over the others when they are very similar. Minami-ke definitely falls under the category of being pure comedy and I’ll bet some people dislike it and others love it, and I’ll be the people who love it hate some other pure comedy shows. It’s hard to explain why and I don’t really want to go into why peoples’ opinions vary. I’ll just say that Minami-ke is a great show. It is one of the better pure comedy shows, if nothing else because I’ve heard way fewer people criticize this show compared to others. I personally love it and it will remain as one of my favorite comedy shows.

Although this can be said about any show really, the characters in this series were fantastic. They really were what made the show what it was. The situations they dealt with weren’t really that bizarre. The thing that made them funny, and occasionally very weird, was because of the eccentricity of the characters and how weird they were at times. It wasn’t just that they were all wild or they lived in a very strange setting or anything like that. The way the personalities clashed, especially Chiaki and Kana, was definitely the high point of the series most times. The other characters were good too but it was really these two that made the show what it was. They’ve had wild characters like Kana before and they’ve had some rather calm and logical characters like Chiaki before in other shows, and I’m not saying Minami-ke is incredibly unique in any way, but it didn’t need to be because they did such a great job with what they had.

I will say that the reason I didn’t have too many posts for this series wasn’t because it was bad. It was far from it, however it was one of those series that really was, for the most part, episodic. Even things that carried over to the next episodes weren’t anything plot related. That’s not a bad thing but a bit hard to write anything more then “This episode was great” It was a fantastic show even though I didn’t post much on it. Hopefully I’ll post a bit more on the new Minami series coming out, not that it will be better but I’ll be able to mention some comparative things.

5 thoughts on “Minami-ke – Quick Post – Final Impressions”

  1. Ah, I hate this show a lot. I like comedy but this isn’t my kind of comedy. I found Azumanga Daioh and 2×2=Shinobuden hilarious.

    The main heroine is just so annoying and stupid, and then they put in a male character that is actually like her? Ugh… That was when I dropped it. I might give it a second chance but not right now.

    The OP song is pretty catchy though.

  2. I don’t know what you’re talking about, I loved this show – it’s probably my favorite comedy show.

    Also, what do you mean the main heroine? There are three characters that are pretty much all prominent characters.

    As far as the other shows you, Koji Ore, mentioned if any show has annoying and stupid characters such as you criticized this show for having it woudl be Azumanga Daioh, and I just plain hated 2x2Shinobuden.

    I found the characters wonderful, and this show overall was great for me.

  3. I too loved this show.

    In fact, I’m naming my new laptop Chiaki.

    I’m assuming you thought Kana was the main character? But who did you think was like her? Who’s the calculating male moron running it all from behind the scenes?

  4. There was no main character. Everytime you thought you had a grasp on something, they either developed someone, or added someone.

    Best series of 2007. Easily.

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