Episode of the Week – 12.29 – ef – a tale of memories – 12

Episode of the Week:

ef – a tale of memories – 12

This week wasn’t really a hard choice. It did pretty much come down to a contest between Myself; Yourself and ef. It was a bit unique of a week though since both of these shows ended so it did make the decision a bit hard but overall I was just….captivated by this episode. It concluded things perfectly and I really can’t think of a better ending for this series. Going into this episode there were still so many possibilities on how it could end. I nearly went mad after the last episode thinking of all that could happen yet this episode seemed to give the perfect ending, not belittling any of the tragedy that has already happened and not making things mysteriously and unexplainably happy. The Myself finale was good but wasn’t as emotional to me then this show.

This show has had a great run with this Episode of the Week award. Although I only implemented it in the beginning of this show, there haven’t been these awards since before it aired; this show has taken the most awards so far. It’s a bit understandable though as now that this show is over its one of my all time favorites. I am a bit interested in how the next week’s awards will go. Myself; Yourself and ef – a tale of memories were the two big contenders for Episode of the Week for a long time. Now that both of them are finished it opens things up a bit. It could go to some of the new show’s debut or to some of the shows that are at half way, I’m unsure but it will be a change with ef and Myself out of the way.

2 thoughts on “Episode of the Week – 12.29 – ef – a tale of memories – 12”

  1. Wasn’t a tough choice really for me either this week. I’ll admit the ending for Myself;Yourself was just good and didn’t really knock it out of the park for me. But Ef did a great job in concluding things. Dealing with Renji’s suffering and how he is supposed to survive after losing someone he loved. Then a pretty rough struggle to get her back. I’m pretty sure he fought a dog or something considering his state of dress.

    This was a great series that hit some high notes in a few episodes towards the conclusion. As to who will step up to fill in the gaps? Well D.Gray-man has had some great episodes so it might be able to handle that. Plus things are getting interesting in Shana so hard to say. New episodes may take some time to hit their stride but should compete.

  2. I can’t argue with this choice. While I enjoyed Myself; Yourself more overall I feel the ending for ef was better. ef ~ Tale of Memories was an interesting show overall. At times it seemed Shaft was over stylizing the show (like they always do) but this did not seem to interfere with the ending of the show. ef was also a very well written show. If I liked the characters a bit more the show may have received some consideration for series of the year.

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