Ah! My Goddess – Tatakau Tsubasa – 01

When a mysterious angel eater appears in heaven, Lind goes down to Earth in order to track it down and defeat it.


I do have to start off saying that I am a big Ah! My Goddess fan so when I heard there was going to be more of it I was very excited… then extremely disappointed when I found out that this would only be a two episode OVA. Still, a 2 episode OVA is better then nothing, but I was kind of hoping for a third season. From what I’ve heard there seems to be plenty of material in the manga for it. Still, AMG has always been one of my favorites because it’s a good romance show that isn’t really about actually falling for the person or competition, its pretty set that Keiichi and Belldandy will be together. Although I do admit its frustrating how slow things moves, this show still remains a nice slow paced romance that is kind of sweet to watch at times while also having parts that are very interesting involving the magical world. I do wish that they would come out with more, but for now I’ll settle for this.

However, even though this is only a two episode OVA I was very impressed with it so far. I’m really glad that they went in the direction of something a bit more serious then everyday life. They have two seasons full of that and I was kind of expecting this to be something like that. By focusing on the more magical aspects of the show it has really made things more interesting. Since it’s only a two episode OVA I can live with the fact there won’t be any relationship development and enjoy some of the other parts much more.

I was a bit surprised at how evil Hild was. Even though she is the devil leader person, when she appeared in the second season she seemed playful. Still being on the evil side but she didn’t really show that she was that evil. She showed in this episode how ruthless she can be, which I guess was just a bit surprising considering what they’ve shown of her before.

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  1. Well, that’s nothing new – even if she likes Urd, she’s still the Demon Lord, which means she’s out to increase market share… by any means necessary. This is from the manga, and it moves things along in a way that the rather bad second season didn’t.

  2. do u mind upload a screenie of the break part of the two angels hold each other (saying amg tatakau tsubasa)

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