Sky Girls – 25

The Sky Girls infiltrate the WORMS nest in order to destroy the core and defeat the WORMS once and for all.


This episode was great. They didn’t’ waste any time getting right into things which was great considering they spent 24 episodes slowly and kind of boringly building up to this point. The fact that this episode which was the climax and conclusion for the most part was exciting and interesting instead of being half boring and set up was good. It still doesn’t’ make up for the rest of the series being so slow but this episode itself was good. It had a lot of action in it and also some rather interesting bits of drama involving Otoha really confronting Yuuki and all of that, so overall it was a good episode, just not enough to make the overall show great.

I am rather anxious to see the final episode. Even though this episode was pretty much the conclusion to everything, the WORMS are gone and there really isn’t too much left that involves the main plot. However from the preview saying that half a year has passed pretty much means the entire episode is one big epilogue and one thing I always say that more anime needs are epilogues, it really makes things seem like the series had an overall change in people’s lives and whatnot and doesn’t just focus on the one particular event. There seems to be a lot of promising things that the epilogue could entail. Karen and Takumi are shown together so hopefully it will show that they have started some kind of relationship. It also showed Otoha and Ryohei riding on a motorcycle together. I always wondered if they would actually have a real relationship since there were a lot of things pointing to chemist between them. I wasn’t sure however if it was actually going to turn into anything or just be a source of comedy, but it looks like we’ll find out one way or another. Just in general I think epilogues are great and the fact that this show has an episode long one does make me very happy. I still just wish the show wasn’t so slow in reaching the point it was at these last couple of episodes.

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  1. This episode was great, but I felt it was kinda short and fast. But it’s probably because of what you said — the series taking 24 eps to reach this climax. Not that I’d cut out anything; I love this universe and I enjoyed everything that’s come up. But I was planning to watch a two-episode final battle finale, not a one-ep one. ^^;

    The biggest explosion of the series was probably back when the Sonic Divers and Vic Vipers teamed up on that one self-repairing WORM. This one was a little lackluster in terms of boom factor.

    But I’ll quit complaining. XD Looking forward to ep26.

  2. What I’m surprised is that Ryohei let her ride the bike without the motion slit :). Sure it was just a joke back sometime in the series, but still that would have been something.

    Too bad they fooled around so much and couldn’t do things like this episode more often. They really went full tilt and didn’t hold off until the episode was done. Splitting up characters getting into trouble all great. One thing that surprised me was that they waited 6 hours after major cities were being attacked to start a mission. Plus after all that time the damage to the cities seemed minimal in comparison to what you’d expect.

    Glad they took care of everything. Yuuki got to fly with his sister and then move on. Some close calls all around.

    Agree completely that series need a lot more epilogues. They seem to push the climax so close to the end that you have 5 minutes to conclude things. Nothing wrong with finishing it a little early then taking an episode to see where everyone is.

  3. Does anybody know the song that was playing in episode 01 when Otoha was going back to her boat, I noticed it wasn’t on the OST of Sky Girls.

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