Sky Girls – 24

Everyone tries to motivate Otoha so she is able to fly the Sonic Diver in time for their final mission against the WORMS.


This episode was pretty good. Especially considering there wasn’t any real action yet even though they’ve gotten to the final mission and climax of the series, for an episode that didn’t have actual fighting in it it was very exciting. However even though this episode was good for the most part it’s too late. They’ve spent way too much time with this series doing useless crap that now that they’ve finally gotten to the interesting stuff it doesn’t mean as much. I’m still looking forward to how the series concludes, but I don’t’ have too much hope for this series in general. If only they would have had this kind of focus and drama about motivation or whatever earlier on the series would have been much better off.

I was a tad disappointed in the development they seemed to try and give to Eika in this episode. She has always had the deal with her father being an issue for her and in this episode they had the perfect chance for something interesting but the actual encounter turned out to be nothing. She just said hello to him and that’s it practically. I suppose there could always end up being some greater development in an epilogue of the series, after all the fighting is done they will have room for more development and something can finally conclude but as far as what happened in this episode in terms of character development, it was very disappointing because they could have done so much more. However, I was rather happy with the attention that Karen got in this episode when she went and talked to Takumi. She’s always had this possibility for development with him taking into account her shyness and everything but she’s one of the characters that have gotten the least amount of focus. Even though they didn’t spend too much time developing her to reach the point she has it was neat to see how much she has changed in that regard, being able to look Takumi straight in the eyes and all. I really hope that they do have an epilogue to put more closure on her situation, as well as everyone else’s, but really I’m almost more interested in Karen because of how interesting a character she is despite her small amount of screen time.

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  1. True if there is one thing I’ve liked is Karen’s development here. Finally standing confident which is a nice thing. Since there does seem to be an epilogue coming hopefully we’ll get to see what those two are up to.

    Also was expecting more from the Eika and her father moment. Those two are terrible at communication. They stand in a room for a couple seconds say a couple words and that’s it. Did they even have what you would call a moment? Was anything resolved in a hello?

    Of course a lot came with Otoha getting in the saddle. Some more time with Ryohei and eventually everyone else. Also Elise getting pretty much adopted is a pretty big thing for her.

    After fooling around they really are trying to resolve a lot of things with the characters before the final battle.

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