Myself; Yourself – 13 [Final]

Nanaka recounts the event of the fire after she remembers what happened and Sana tries to bring her out of her depression she falls into after remembering it herself.


This episode was incredible. I didn’t think things would turn out to be this dark at all. Even knowing they would end up revealing things about the fire and the deaths of Nanaka’s family I still didn’t think things would be this dark. Hell even the fire story itself was deeper and more serious then I thought. I was a bit surprised at how it turned out, as it did kind of seem like the uncle might have done it. I had thought it might be something such as Nanaka’s mom having an affair but I still didn’t really think of the dad being the arsonist. I didn’t’ think the affair would be in the past either; I thought it would have been closer to the time the house burned. It rally seems worse this way as the person I would blame in this situation is the father when I originally thought it would be the mother and teacher for having the affair. For not forgiving something that long ago and going that drastically far defiantly made him the bad guy, even perhaps not taking the fire into account, things before that made him bad.

However that wasn’t even the most serious part of the episode. I found the whole topic about suicide was incredible. I never thought the show would get into things as serious as that, I didn’t’ think the watch was a part of that either. The fact that Nanaka tried to do it and it wasn’t’ just something in Sana’s past was also huge. It just seems like this episode had thing after thing after thing of huge development and drama, it was amazing and did conclude to be a great ending for a great series.

The epilogue of this episode was absolutely amazing. I ALWAYS think that more shows need epilogues like this one had. It really makes a show seem like all the events that happened throughout really added up to something and weren’t just about things going on in the moment. The fact that the epilogue was ten years later and not something like 6 months was incredible. I’m ecstatic at the fact that Nanaka and Sana ware getting married because I would have been so pissed if there wasn’t some conclusion to how things ended up for them. I was also happy to see Shuu and Shuri return, even though they didn’t meet with anyone that we saw, I’m sure they did later. Even if they didn’t it was still fun to see them. I have a kind of “I told you so” moment with their appearance as I said they wouldn’t appear unless the show had an epilogue that was at least a year later. It was also just fun seeing the other characters like Aoi, Hinako, and Asami older. It was also a cool bit of development that Asami kind of redeemed herself by being the one that saved the park. They didn’t give her much closure on her issue after Shuu and Shuri left, but this was fine.

Final Words:

This series is one of the two from this season that really had me shocked at how they turned out. I wasn’t expecting this show to be much of anything really. For the most part it seemed like it was a simple harem show. Although I’ve said before that I rather like harem shows and the whole school romance setting, not saying that it’s good I just like it and find it fun to watch. Still, this show surprised me with how much it broke away form some of the normal things and made things really serious at times. There was much more to the relationship part of the show then normal romance. It dealt with some really tough and serious issues. There wasn’t a simple girl falls head over heels for a guy, she used to like him, things she doesn’t, realizes she does, can’t get close because of a horrible childhood, struggles, so on. I could explain it more and in a bit more detail but its almost the fact that it has any of those above girl is crazy for a guy and tries to win him over makes this show above the other in its category. As far as school romance shows go, especially excluding shows that are more shoujo like, this is one of the best.

I do have to mention Shuri and Shuu because their part in this series was very interesting and a bit surprising. Really from the start both of them seemed like characters that would become nothing more then support characters. Shuu being some best friend for Sana, perhaps going as far as to give him advice or encouragement, and Shuri just being there for humor because of any clashes she has with Shuu. However their role and part in this series changed into so much more then I ever expected it to be. The show eventually broke down into two stories for the most part, one involving Sana and Naka and the other involving Shuu and Shuri, perhaps Hoshino a bit too. When the episode came that concluded their arc, or their role it was incredible. It was one of the most emotional scenes in the entire series for characters who started out as side characters for the most part. I said this before when mentioning their story but it really did become interesting enough with enough really interesting and high quality drama going on between them and thief family that I could easily see a series that focused just on them, that’s how in depth and intriguing their story was at times so even if you consider San and Naka as the main focus, which is probably technically true, it says even more for the show to have a “side story” that interesting and in depth.

Of course the other story if you consider this series to be split in two would be Sana and Nanak, again something that really turned out differently from what I expected it. At the beginning I really thought it would just turn into some love triangle involving Sana, Nanaka, and Hoshino. However Hoshino’s role kind of veered off into something that was really more a part of Shuri and Shuu’s story leaving Sana and Nanaka by themselves but still with a very interesting story. Most harem shows like this don’t really deal with issues as serious as they did in this show. It really became much more then the two of them admitting their feelings it became about horribly traumatic pasts and overcoming them. I really was just speechless at how serious and dark their situation came. Dealing with suicide as a topic like that was miles further then I thought this show would go and when they revealed it it just drew me in even more. It truly was an incredible show that was far far beyond just a normal romance story.

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  1. I also was quite impressed with the way the way they concluded the series. I was really worried how exactly they were going end it all after watching episode 12, especially with Sana. Through 12 episodes very little had been said about his story, and with episode 13 looking to focus on Nanaka, I wasn’t sure how they’d manage to get to both unless they blended the stories together. Which is what they did quite nicely. I probably would have liked a little bit more from Sana’s story, but we did get enough to leave me satisfied. I really have to commend them for being able to intertwine both Sana and Nanaka’s plots effortlessly–it wasn’t like they were forced together at all.

    The epilogue was also very nice, though I’m curious why Shuri and Shuu didn’t get any lines and their faces weren’t shown. I also would have liked a little bit more closure to Asami–something like she made her peace with Shuri and they were still friends or something. Asami was responsible for keeping the park open, so I guess that was her way of helping Shuri, but I would have liked just a tad more. Regardless though, I thought they did a nice job wrapping up there series the way they did.

  2. I was expecting to be let down but this episode did a good job of tying up most of the loose ends. A few storylines could have been wrapped up a bit more, but overall this episode accomplished more than I expected. Looking at the series as a whole it was much darker than I expected and the story was also better than expected. I went into the show thinking it would be a Kanon clone (read the synopsis and tell me it doesn’t sound like one) but the story broke away from that mold.

    I do have one question, did it really take Sana 10 years to pop the question? I’m no expert but seems he could have done that a bit sooner.

  3. this final episode surprised me a lot, since they did have fair a bit to cover with one episode and that 10 year skip did a really good job in doing so. It was worth staying up late to wait for the release xD

    bravejaf, thats a point but then again aren’t all harem male lead pretty useless? xP

  4. While it did take 10 years for Sana to pop the question it kind of makes sense. they would be about 16 years old or so, which means they would get married around 26. after being done with school and everything else. I liked the 10 year skip a lot but i kind of wanted to see them all get together during the credits or something like that. go to the river like old times or something like that. but overall, i really liked this show. definitely a must see and prolly will buy when it comes out on dvd.

  5. I don’t know. The ending wasn’t as impressive to me. Spending so many episodes hinting at Sana’s past and then covering it in 5 minutes. Had suspected that it was a suicide issue from early in the episode so the shock wasn’t quite there for me when they finally revealed that. Also how did Nanaka not die? She was in a tub for a seriously long time before Sana went to check on her. Unless she cut her wrist moments before he came in it doesn’t quite add up. Just wish they had spent more time to deal with Sana’s past.

    Was definitely a surprise with the Nanaka situation. Never would have thought the father was responsible for all of it. I thought her mother was being pretty reckless. Why are you egging the guy on? You’d normally expect some line about it doesn’t matter who her biological father is he is her father. Instead we get the guy talking about how an abortion should have been done and the mother talking about how she wanted Nanaka to get closer to the real parent. Why stay with the guy if you felt like that?

    I like epilogues but its too bad they made it so short. There was barely enough time to do much of anything. Show that Hinako has switched from older men to younger ones. Asami trying to make amends by saving the park. Showing Sana with a ring then jumping away saying it worked out fine. Why go that far if you don’t want to show the big moment between them? Plus with Shuu and Shuri hanging back even more questions. Are there still major problems? Did they just show up to see the concert then plan on sneaking away without seeing anyone? Would have liked the epilogue to have more in it I guess.

    Honestly I liked the episode with the twins leaving more than this one. Just didn’t hit me as much in comparison. There were some huge moments there that’s for sure with discovering Nanaka’s past and her attempted suicide. Just felt like Sana’s was just tacked on. I mean even Asami got more time with her past in comparison.

    Overall I did enjoy the series though. Many of the characters had really tough times and you didn’t expect all that coming in. Shuu and Shuri was a massive part of the show and one reason why I really enjoyed it. I would never have guessed their impact from first glance. Instead you got a story of a father who cared more about his career than the happiness of his children. Marrying a cheating woman who deserved quite a few colourful phrases in regards to her character. Pushing the twins closer together and eventually leaving in a very emotional moment.

    Even if she wasn’t a major part Hinako was a fun character to watch. She had her own troubles with family and some nice episodes were the result. Seeing the struggle between trying to be mature but still a kid was a big part of her character.

    The relationship with Sana and Nanaka was great in the series. Taking in major topics like personal tragedies and being pushed to the limits and eventually suicide. You see how much they care and through all the tough times that was something I liked. Too bad we didn’t get to see how they got to that point 10 years later but with only 13 episodes I guess it can’t be helped.

    Glad I decided to follow this series. Wasn’t certain what I’d be getting but in the end it was something special. Some great characters with major drama for many of them before everything was said and done.

  6. Whole series of this anime is just great :) I enjoy it as hell :D watched all 13 ep’s in one day ;) It makes alot emotion if u watch last episode in the middle of night in totaly dark :”)

    Anyway i recommend it to all of these who love the best animes! :)

  7. I found this final episode to be a reflection in many ways of my feelings for the series as a whole. Though I enjoyed it and found many things to like, it still left me somewhat unfulfilled and somewhat dissatisfied. The whole revelation of Nanaka’s family secrets and her attempt at suicide were definitely surprising and moving. I had picked up on the probability that Sana himself had attempted suicide given his reaction towards bloody blades and his protective nature towards his wrist watch and I thought it was a good way story-wise to really bring Sana and Nanaka that final step together.

    However, I found the sudden 10 year jump rather jarring. I too love epilogues and wish more series used them, but in this case it just felt rushed. Actually, I feel the series as a whole was a bit unevenly paced. I think the creators took a lot of time slowly setting things out (not necessarily a bad thing) but combined with a few filler-type episodes ended up forcing themselves to cram a lot in the end and not really clean every story-line up satisfyingly.

    I wished that had offered a little more closure for Asami’s story and I really wished they had actually given some interaction for Shuu and Shuri during the epilogue. It was sad to see them run away, and I find them to be very likable and sympathetic figures, but at the same time the way their sibling relationship was portrayed always seemed to skirt the line of discomfort. I think Asami’s observation that they shared a deep wound that prevented others from breaking through was very apt, but at the same time, the implication that 10 years later they still really only had each other was somewhat sad and disturbing.

    In the end I found this to be a really enjoyable series, especially the early episodes that focused more on the high school fun and romance. The dark turn later had me worried things would go School Days on me, but thankfully that never happend. I liked the drama that resulted but just felt it was a bit uneven and unfocused at times. Still, and above average series with some very likable and memorable characters.

    On a side note, I was glad that my favorite character, Aoi, managed to escape any personal drama. I LOVE her voice actress and it just makes me wonder if the year after she was born was just a very unlucky year, cause all her friends seemed to get beaten with the stick of fate.

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