KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 12

Futami expresses to Kazuki that for the first time she is unsure of what her feelings are, while Yuumi and Kouichi continue to get closer.


Wow, this episode really impressed me. The love triangle that is going on for Kazuki is just incredible. I didn’t really think his story would be anywhere near as interesting considering at the beginning he seemed like he was going to be a side character only. Right now though I’d have to say that his story is almost more interesting then Kazuki’s Just watching Futami’s character change as she goes though this relationship with him is incredible, its one of the most interesting parts about the show, just the Futami thing. Now they are also really focusing on Sakino making this into a love triangle. I can’t wait to see what kind of effect jealousy will have Futami as she tries to figure out what her feelings are. I really hope they continue to put a good focus on Kazuki and his love triangle. Right now they are doing a good job of it but then again we are kind of just waiting right now for Yuumi to leave the picture because of her move so things can get interesting with Mao. Still, I don’t want them to disregard either one of them as they are both showing great potential. I really think Kazuki’s love triangle is different enough then normal taking into account Futami’s personality that its all the more interesting even when compared to other shows’ love triangles.

It really does feel like I’m just waiting for Yuumi to leave in regards to Kouichi’s part of the series. It’s pretty much a given that that is what’s going to happen. I really don’t think I can see this show having Kouichi and Yuumi pull off some long distance relationship so when she leaves that’s pretty much it. It will then of course turn to Mao who has been showing more and more signs of realizing her feelings for Kouichi. However there will still be the whole memory of Yuumi left in Kouichi which will make a relationship hard, but that’s all it seems Yuumi can do anymore so until she leaves its almost as if anything the two of them do doesn’t mean much.

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  1. I’ll admit that Kazuki’s situation has had me a lot more interested than what’s going on with Kouichi. Plenty of indecision on Mao in terms of what she feels and how she wants to act from that point on. Pretty much just waiting for Yuumi to hit the open trails and see what happens from that point.

    Anyways Asuka makes a big jump in the triangle. You wondered how big a role she would be since mostly her character seemed to help develop Eriko. But now things are getting pretty interesting all around. Eriko’s development has been great. Starting off pretty isolated, now having friends, feeling something for Kazuki and just being a warmer person. So how she behaves in the future is what I’m interested in seeing.

    Asuka’s feelings are getting a lot stronger. Doesn’t seem like Kazuki can tell that. But if he starts to feel something more for Asuka then it will be pretty interesting to see what he does. Strange thing in that trio is that I’m not sure which girl I’d like him to end up with more. Both are great people so its too bad that one would have to move on and find someone else.

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