D. Gray-Man – 63

Lavi, Crowly, and Miranda try and defend the ship against the attacks from unseen Akuma while Lenalee is away fighting the level three.


This episode was pretty good. I thought it was pretty interesting the way half of the episode took place at the same time as the previous episode, just focusing on a different group of people. Aside from that it was mostly just dealing with the barrage of attacks, but it then did become interesting with the appearance of Big Bird. Yeah, that’s what I’m calling it. I’m curious as to what his role in the rest of the series will be.

I found Lavi’s part in this episode pretty interesting and a bit surprising. He really seemed set on trying to find Lenalee. Not caring what anyone else was saying, going out himself to find her even though the ship was going that way anyways; it was surprising to see him take such an initiative to get her. He’s not the biggest character when it comes to really taking charge of things, though he’s not like some of the more side character either. I was just impressed with how much he was set on finding and rescuing Lenalee.

I was pretty impressed with Kuro in this episode. I’m going to start calling him Kuro because I’m sure I’ve spelled his name like 5 different ways every other post. Anyways, he was awesome in this episode. Even though he only took out the demons that were shooting them he was so badass when he did it that it was just amazing. The way he was saying, rather elegantly and serious, how he wanted them to feel pain, that a normal death was too good for them was awesome, He seemed evil almost in how he was going after them. Kuro never really seems to do much and is generally used as a point of comedy but here he proved to be rather interesting.

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  1. Seems Lavi is going to continue having trouble staying to what a Bookman is supposed to be. Being so fired up to save Lenalee when he should be holding back. Should be some real conflict for his character as things move forward.

    Great job by Kuro-chan. No doubt he was pretty pissed on this one. Pulling a great move though to save Lavi by drinking the poison before it killed him. Can understand his anger to those Akuma. What they did to so many people on the ship was unforgivable to him. Holding back from his desire to drink their blood to instead give a painful death. He has been a pretty comedic character so far and seeing a darker side to him is pretty interesting overall.

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