Merry Christmas (A Bit Late) From Xeby-chan

It’s me again, Xeby-chan. Sorry I haven’t been making too many posts, Xebek has been busy with these “final” things. It’s so stupid since he takes them like twice a year, they aren’t final. He never spends anytime with me anymore, it’s so unfair. Anyways, I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from me and Xebek. This post may be coming a bit late compared to everyone else saying this considering a good portion of the people who read this live in a part of the world where its already over and truth be told It’s nearly over where I am, but I don’t care I’m still saying it :D


As far as any anime’esque acquisitions I got for Christmas, I didn’t get anything directly anime related. It is very hard for my family to shop for me regarding anime at all seeing as it is very specific in what I would want. My big item I did get for Christmas though is an ipod Touch. It’s kind of anime related seeing as how one of the things I’ll be using it for is watching anime on it and holding all those cute loli pictures. It’s ok though, I’m a loli too so there’s nothing wrong with it :D


A quick note about the site overall, Xebek said he will be doing some work on it, fixing up the pages and adding a couple of them to better organize the Episode of the Week thing and fix up/add other features. I’ll also try and make a lot more of my editorial posts once some of the holiday things die down, specifically some of the character profiles which may be getting its own page. Aside from that things will go as normal, I’ll be doing an end of the year post talking about some of the more significant shows this year. Xebek didn’t have time to do a whole awards thing like last year, but I will do some kind of end of the year post.

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