Kimi ga Nozomu Eien OVA ~Next Season~ – 01

Takayuki spends time with Haruka after she is fully released from the hospital, after she has recovered from her coma completely.


Finally! I have been waiting for nearly ever for this anime. I did a post about it being announced over a year ago so I was aware of the existence of this show and waiting for it having no idea when it was going to be released. I do have to start off saying I loved the original series, it made me cry harder then anything else I’ve ever watched, ever. I remember I would be able to just think about the ending and certain scenes after seeing it and cry without actually watching it again. I do think it’s important for me to try and state that I don’t think Mitsuki was a total bitch. There are a lot of people who hate her. While I personally would have rather had Takayuki end up with Haruka, which is why I’m happy about this series, I think really looking at it Mitsuki didn’t do that much wrong. If it weren’t for her then the guy probably would have killed himself. Anyways, I really don’t want to get into that right now as that’s in the past. Although I didn’t hate the ending I wanted him to end up with Haruka more so I’m all the more excited for this series.

I’m not quite sure what I thought was going to happen or how I thought things would turn out but I was a bit surprised at the cliffhanger “break up” at the end of this episode. I guess if this is anything other then a one episode OVA they can’t get together in the first episode and stay together the entire time, as it wouldn’t be interesting enough. However I will say that I will be pissed off beyond any measure if they don’t end up together. I don’t know why that would even come about but it’s a fear that I have. After all this is a new series practically just for the sake of having Haruka end up with Takayuki. However I just hope that that is indeed what eventually happens and not that its just some way to focus on her more but still have them go their separate ways. I have a fear just because of how much I want them to end up together that they may pull of some ending where they don’t end up with anyone in the end and say they’ll be friends or they are better off. I don’t know why I’m saying this, I don’t see it as a big possibility, its not what I think will happen nor is it what I want to happen, yet I’m very afraid of it happening.

I’m also a bit curious as to where in the first season this one kind of branches off from. Obviously she’s already been hit by the truck and recovered from her coma so for the most part its apparent where in the series it falls but I am curious as to how much of a relationship Takayuki has with Mitsuki already. It almost seems as if this series really is a sequel series. Haruka isn’t in a wheelchair which means if it does branch off from anything it has to be way later on. Is this in fact all taking place after the first series? If so it will be eve harder for Haruka and Takayuki to end up together as it won’t be a branch off for Haruka, it will be a sequel.

I will reiterate again if Haruka and Takayuki don’t end up together I will go insane with rage. THEY MUST END UP TOGETHER DAMNIT! NO FRIENDSHIP, NO CLOSURE WITHOUT A RELATIONSHIP, THEY MUST END UP TOGETHER!

8 thoughts on “Kimi ga Nozomu Eien OVA ~Next Season~ – 01”

  1. The idiocy of the male protagonist in the first series made me puke countless times. From this OVA, can it be concluded that the producers have finally decided to put some sort of grey mass in the skull of the main character, or that they have decided to carry on the storyline casting a mannequin as the lead?

  2. I always considered Taiyuki to be the ‘failed Makoto’ – he’s contemptible, but he’s not conscienceless like Makoto was. Honestly, after seeing the series… I have no idea why someone would want to watch this trainwreck again. It’s not Mai Otome, but at the same time… well, I’d ALMOSt rather watch Arika and Nina fight over a man old enough to be their fathers than that series.

  3. The hero, now, is much more competent, and generally nicer. He’s caring and considerate toward Haruka, and acts substantially more mature- No need for angsting, now. ^_^

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