Hayate no Gotoku – 36

When Tama plants the idea in Klaus’s head, he thinks about retirement and if he is really useful around the mansion anymore.


This episode was pretty good. For this series it was rather average, but it was still very fun to watch. The focus on Klaus was interesting, seeing as he is a very minor character. It seems with last episode and this they wanted to shed some light on the side characters more. Although, Klaus just seems to be in the show for comedy reasons only whereas Maria has some part in support and progressing the individual story of the episode. Still, it was very fun to see Klaus centered on, but not something I would want to see happen a lot, unlike Maria. This episode did have a good bit of parodies, as every episode does and it is fun to see the ones that aren’t obvious. One I noticed was the Moetan cameo of Ink and the other girl. They were shown in Nagi’s classroom just sitting at their desks, not as obvious a parody as the Ah! My Goddess one, but fun to notice.

I am looking forward to the next episode, as it seems to involve Nagi and Nishizawa. Although I am a tad bit reluctant to have as much hope in a situation involving them then I had before. I’ve said this before but I always love it when there is some kind of romance going on in a series as I think it makes it all the more better. I think there is still some potential for romance involving Hayate and Nagi, as their ages aren’t that far apart. Normally a situation that dealt with Nagi and a girl who likes Hayate, effectively fighting over him, would be great. It would be centering the focus of the show on romance seeing as how the two of them are fighting for him. However I’m still reluctant to hope for much just because this show has shown that it really isn’t the type to focus on anything serious like that. The series is made up of a bunch of episodic episodes most of the time never having any effect on the outcome of the rest of the series. There fore it is a bit doubtful that any meaningful relationship advancement will come from Nagi and Nishizawa. Still, although the chance for something to happen that is important isn’t very high, there is still a good chance that the overall encounter between the two of them and them fighting for Hayate, whether it means anything later on or not, will still be fun to watch.

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