Goshuushosama Ninomiya-kun – Quick Post – Final Impressions

I do have to first mention that this was one of the shows I watched and said I would blog occasionally, which is an exception to how I do a majority of the posts. I picked this and a couple of other shows to watch and blog about if something really interesting happened plus the first and last impression. However partially because I was a bit lazy I didn’t make any posts about this show while it was airing, only my initial impression and then my final impressions now but seeing as how the show wasn’t a huge epic story there wasn’t really too much for me to note on. However I will still give my overall final impression on the show.

For the most part this show wasn’t anything special. It was rather low brow along with most shows that focus on ecchi like this. It wasn’t so much because of the harem aspect this show had but just the continual use of ecchi as humor that pretty much made this show into something that can really be taken seriously. Most of the episodes were episodic and there were a lot of really incredibly stupid things. Some over the top things that just didn’t seem to really help the show such as overplaying how weird and powerful the main character and his sister are, how she is a borderline terrorist and secret agent just really seemed to make things needlessly over the top. Really there were a lot of stupid things in the show but depending on how you look at it that’s not as bad of a thing as it may sound.

I’m not going to defend the show saying that it really is a excellent all around good show however seeing as how the show really didn’t try and be anything other then a lot of really random stupid comedy filled with ecchiness its not too bad if you look at it and just compare it to other ecchi shows. For the most part this is one of the better pure ecchi series. Again comparing it to other shows along the same genre it was pretty good. Near the end the relationships that developed were pretty interesting I found. They developed a rather complex past involving everyone and as far as ecchi series plots; this one had a rather good one. Among other ecchi shows it was pretty good but really for the most part this is a genre that can’t be compared to other shows in terms of quality. If you look at it for what it was it was ok, but if you look at it in terms of all other anime it was just another ecchi series. Still, for an ecchi series it was pretty good.

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  1. Ninomiya-kun is rather unique. I agree that you can’t classify it outside of an ecchi series, but it at least is a really good one, throwing in a bit of character development and some non-ecchi humor as well.

    Or you could see it as one of those ‘so bad, it’s good’ series, since you just had to accept a lot of things, like the male characters’ superhuman strength, Reika’s ever-changing bust size, and succubus powers. Quit asking why, and you’ll enjoy the series. ^^;

  2. Yeah I honestly liked this one and was happy to follow it until the end. Didn’t go out and try to be the best show of the season and out do every other series. Just went out there told its story and had some fun in the process. Liked plenty of the characters and was happy to see what would happen to them next.

    Someone like Reika who wasn’t a huge hit the first time you saw her was a deeper character under it all. Someone that pushed down how she felt to such an extent that there was a split within her.

    Lot more history between the characters than I would have guessed. Through dreams and memories they managed to slowly reveal what was going on here. Trying to understand how they all interacted provided for some discussion.

    Certainly they had some stupid times and didn’t try to stray from what this series pretty much is. Just a somewhat silly series that had plenty of ecchi and non-echi humour. Agree that if you don’t try to understand some stuff like super strength and where they got that jet from in the last episode you’ll be fine.

  3. As a series overall, it was kind of a mess, but….

    The service was admirable, and for an ecchi series, yes, I agree it was decent. I think the main thing about it is that many saw a greater potential in it… what it could have done, etc. And when things don’t meet a seen potential, meh, that’s life.


  4. I found this series to be not so good and not so bad, all at the same time. It wasn’t very exciting but not exactly boring; Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun was pretty much average. The show had its moments where it left you thinking, “how does something like that happen?”, which was quite annoying, but it was a positive anime that kept me going when i was feeling stressed out. So overall, it was an enjoyable anime. :)

  5. The storyline wasn’t the greatest, and it could’ve been better. Still, it really just depends on what you like, Know what I mean?

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