D. Gray-Man – 62

Lenalee continues to battle the level three Akuma in a desperate attempt to save the ship from falling into the ocean because of its attack and powers.


This episode was great. For one there was a great deal of action in it. It wasn’t just the same defeat the random stupid Akuma either Lenalee showed some really cool attacks against an enemy that wasn’t incredibly stupid and goofy. It was one of the best battle so far I think and taking into account it didn’t even have the main character makes it all the more impressive. The part that made the fight really interesting is that it wasn’t just a random fight, Lenalee easily could have died. Of course she doesn’t (although she might as well have died considering what happened to her) it was a dramatic enough fight that it could have happened, making everything more exciting. I am very curious as to what’s going to happen now. They still have a bunch of Akuma that are attacking the ship but I don’t really see that as a big deal at all. I’m sure that will be dealt with without any real problems. How Lenalee returns though will be interesting. Also, what the hell the giant yellow thing is, some kind of mutated Timcanpy? Did he like absorb Suman’s innocence or something? Whatever happened it looks like the giant big bird thing will appear in next episode and likely take care of the Akuma attacking the ship.

It was quite interesting to find out that Allen’s eye acts up as much as they showed it during this episode. They haven’t really made a big deal about his eye at all recently, its just something that’s kind of there and it works as a useful tool against Akuma but as far as actually going into why he can even do that or why it suddenly turned from two red rigs to a giant gear and a little gear isn’t really explained at all. It of course has something to do with Mana as was shown way back when they met Crowly and he got the damn gear thing, and it showed that’s kind of were they get the “D” in the series name from, even though I don’t know WHY there is a “D” on the skull that lives inside Allen. Anyways, although this wasn’t much at all it was at least something that dealt with his eye.

I do want to have a quick moment of silence for Lenalee’s hair. Although I didn’t know how it was going to happen or even if it would be a result of this fight or even that was going on, the ED pretty much showed that it would in fact happen. She looked so much more hot with long hair and not that all short hair looks bad on anime girls the particular shortness of Lenalee’s hair now is defiantly not very good. She was just so much hotter with long hair….So please, a moment of silence for Lenalee’s hair……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

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  1. May the hair rest in peace….Guess it ended up being a victim of the toughest fight of her life.

    You really could appreciate the fact that she could have died in this one. Even if she’s a main character and having short hair in the ED pretty much declares she’ll survive. You could appreciate the danger there. Just because Allen is alive right now doesn’t mean he’s fine by any stretch.

    Lenalee really pushed her body to the limit and didn’t hold anything back. Being only 86% compatible and still going to 100% really reflected her determination. After all if she failed to beat this guy everyone on that ship was dead. An issue that she couldn’t pull out everything since it took a certain amount of her energy to just be able to move around. Taking a terrible beating from that guy until she finally unleashed an attack that had everything including lvl 3’s own power behind it.

    Now we know that the new eye for Allen isn’t just decoration. Seems to have a mind of its own and a strong desire to hunt down Akuma. The sooner he gets his arm back and can go after the others the better. Since the longer he stays in that state the more his eye will argue its point.

    Just full marks to Lenalee on this one. Not giving up and putting her very life on the line for those she cares about. Curious about how bad off she is. Allen’s arm was in a terrible state and you know that full invocation has to have a bad impact on her too.

  2. I wonder if her legs turn out to be badly damaged after this. If you watch the intro, the last shot shows her with both legs completely bandaged up. Might also be completely unrelated, of course…

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