Sky Girls – 23

The image of Yuuki speaks to everyone, telling them the location of the WORM nest and saying that he will be waiting for them.


This episode was alright It’s still a bit disappointing that even after this long they are moving so slowly into the interesting part they have introduced. They finally get to something that is rather interesting and kind of interesting yet there isn’t too terribly much happening. The Yuuki thing talks to them, disappears, and that’s it. I would think that after 20 plus episodes of nothing happening and a couple of episodes that really build on some plot that they would move right into it, but that doesn’t quite seem to be the case. It is still a bit interesting to find out what will happen, but they aren’t doing the best job of getting to the content.

There does look like there will be a final bit of Eika development regarding her father, seeing as how it seems her father is on the ship that will e working with Kouryuu. However I’m not sure how much real development it will be. The thing that bothers me a lot about this series is that even though they’ve had a huge amount of absolute nothingness happen they didn’t’ even fill those fluff episodes with good character development. There would be several episodes that would focus on an individual character and even they would sometimes delve a bit into the characters past, but that was it. It wasn’t really any character development, just giving us the raw facts of what happened to so and so when. Nothing really changed with the characters, there hasn’t really been development at all, so perhaps a better way of describing the Eika bit is there will be a final bit of focus on Eika that doesn’t actually change anything. Still, it is sometimes interesting to find out what happened to them, but for the most part the character “development” could use a hell of a lot more actual development to be interesting, otherwise things like Eika’s father, Karen’s brother and her relationship with Takumi, Elise’s family, and even Nanae’s (or whatever her name is) childhood friend don’t really mean much.

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