Shakugan no Shana II – 11

Everyone prepares for the upcoming festival at school and Shana and Yoshida examine their feelings after the discussion they had about love with Yuji’s dad.


Wow, things are definitely just piling up with things that Yuji has to worry about. It’s interesting that they’ve put a lot of development into pretty much saying how screwed Yuji is. He has the whole Pheles thing to deal with, then the Silver Flame thing to deal with, plus the whole Konoe and Hecate thing. It isn’t just a coincidence they look alike and the two main things they’ve been building recently, Pheles and the Silver thing don’t really seem to have anything to do with the other HUGE thing which is the three evil Tomogara from last season. Effectively things are just piling up and it is making it really interesting and exciting. I’m looking forward to when things just go to hell and everything has to be dealt with. Right now it does seem that Pheles is the main issue, as they said the silver thing isn’t related to the keeper thing at all. However perhaps the silver thing will play a part in stopping Pheles. They are both pretty interesting and important, as even though they haven’t really said what the silver bit means it obviously means something. In fact, Shana, Alastor, and Wilhelm all seem to know that this silver thing means something but haven’t said what. Alastor even asked Shana if she knew what a silver flame meant, and that there are no Tomogara with that color flame and she did.

One thought that did pop into my head when Wilhelm talked about the whole love between a flame haze and a mystes was whether or not Shana and Yuji would stay as they are. Right now, if nothing happens, they would be able to stay with each other. However them staying immortal seems like it doesn’t quite fit. The thought of leaving everyone else behind perhaps isn’t like normal endings. However I’m really wondering about the possibility of both of them becoming human. I don’t really know how or why this would happen as it doesn’t really relate to anything that is happening right now. Even if Pheles comes and gets Reiji Maigo that means Yuji would eventually die not become human. However the possibility still got into my mind of somehow Yuji becoming human and then Shana having to make the choice to become human or not in order to be with Yuji. Again, I have no idea how or why this would happen yet it seems like the kind of even that would fit perfectly, Shana giving up being a flame haze for her feelings and all, so we’ll see. Perhaps the human thing has to do with the Konoe and Hecate thing, they mentioned some kind of project before Konoe’s introduction, and maybe Hecate became human or something. If anything it won’t be something that happens until the very end.

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  1. On the way things are going to end. Has Kazumi even considered things in that regard at all? Give it a few years and she will keep on aging and he won’t. The parallels with Pheles having a lover and created the Reiji Maigo so they could be together. Now Shana is in love with Yuji and thanks to it they can do the same, but try to avoid the same fate.

    I just can’t see it ending like that. If there was a way to make a torch back into a human I’m sure someone would have tried it. Sure he is one that lasts a long time, but the original Yuji is dead, gone, see you later. I’m also not sure if there is a way back for Shana. Pretty sure becoming a Flame Haze isn’t something you can just drop.

    Sure an ending where they both have to leave everything and everyone behind isn’t the norm. But they aren’t in a normal world. Part of it has been the romance, school, friends, etc and part has been the bigger world of Flame Hazes. Don’t think they would go back, since what if they were attacked? If they were normal humans they would never know. Not like they can get rid of all Tomogara or something. A unique world may require a unique ending.

    Anyways am excited in how things are building. You have the Silver question that has this heavy feel about it. A very uncommon one and there is a lot of mystery there. Have Pheles gunning for the Reiji Maigo which she would see as belonging to her. Question of what the Arbiter of Reverse Reasoning is plotting for the heck of it.

    Can’t wait for next week now with all that is going on.

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