KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 11

Everyone heads over to Shijou’s house to scout locations for the movie club’s film, and to get to know Shijou a bit more.


This episode was great. Even though there weren’t really any big events there was a lot of character development. They didn’t quite have the big events full of drama but this episode certainly built up to them. One of the things they completely just teased us with in this episode was Hoshino. It’s obvious something is wrong from last episode and they just kept making it blatantly obvious that something was going to happen regarding her, yet didn’t say what. I’m pretty sure it will be that she is moving away. It would be a rather good way of getting rid of Hoshino without as much drama as there might be if she was still around for Kouichi to end up with Mao, if that’s what will happen. However my guess is that she will say something along the lines of confessing her feelings to Kouichi before she goes even though it won’t matter since she has to leave. However I’m more interested in how this will affect Kouichi and Mao. Not to belittle Hoshino’s importance but if she’s going away there really nothing that’s going to change now. I doubt she’ll end up staying if her family goes away, and Hoshino and Kouichi are no where close enough in their relationship for there to be any HUGE drama about her leaving. It will however greatly impact Kouichi so I just want to know how that is then going to be transferred to Mao. Mao obviously has feelings for Kouichi but it really seems that she hasn’t really realized it herself yet.

There are just so many roadblocks that have to be tackled before anything can happen with any of the characters its’ really made this show interesting. It’s not just a matter of Mao going out with Kouichi its a matter of Mao breaking up with Kai, Kai ending up with someone else or putting closure on him (probably ending with Shijou) then they have to get over the roadblock of Hoshino’s memories in Kouichi and any feelings he had for her (if she is gone by this point) then they have to get Kouichi and Mao. The level of complexity is really interesting, making the show much more then some other romance anime are.

The other huge thing I loved about this episode was Futami. She is definitely the most interesting character in the show, partially because of her extremely logical view of life is humorous at times but there was HUGE development for her in this episode. Although it’s odd it was really just the way she looked and the inflection of her voice saying a line, but it was enough. When she kissed Kazuki she seemed way different then when she was saying it was an experiment before. It’s really showing some great development for her and I can’t wait to see more of it.

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  1. Have to say that Eriko had my attention more than the whole thing with MaoxKouichixYuumi. She really is developing well as a character and thats something important to note. Instead of being so isolated she really is getting better with others and likes spending time with them. Sure I still wonder about that sense of taste. But she did seem more relaxed, warmer, just a change when she kissed Kazuki this time.

    Right now just wondering when Mao is going to sort through her feelings. Still not sure that she feels anything romantic for Kai. She can get along with him and doesn’t mind hanging out either, but…Whatever is up with Yuumi hopefully they will clear it up. If she is going then I suppose we need to have it be a heavy moment. She does love those tragic romances after all.

  2. Although I wouldn’t mind kouichi and Mao being together I just can’t see them together in that way somehow, maybe its just me.

    There is some chemistry between them but I wouldn’t necessarily say its romantic chemistry, however the way things are going it looks like they will end up together.

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