Sky Girls – 22

The Sky Girls decide to hold a Christmas Party for all of the ship in order to teach Aisha about what Christmas means.


The end of this episode was of course the most interesting part. As I kind of ranted about in the previous Sky Girls post, for the most part this show has been incredibly slow with developing any plot it might have. This appearance of Yuuki really seems to be the main and only plot that this series has, and while it’s interesting I still feel like it is coming a bit late. I’m not saying that it won’t be interesting to find out who things will resolve regarding Yuuki, as right now the show has become interesting, but it really isn’t enough to justify the slow step up to this point. I think this series would have been so much better as a short 12 – 14 episode series but because it isn’t it really has almost reached the point of no return. The last episodes will probably be interesting and it will redeem the show a bit, but not really enough. Still, I am looking forward to finding out what happens. The show is FINALLY getting to the interesting part; I’m not going to dismiss it just because it took a long time to get there.

As far as the rest of the episode goes, it was alright. It really didn’t serve much purpose at all as the only thing I can think that it might have tried to do is give Aisha some character development. The focus on teaching her about Christmas and all seemed way too weak to really count for anything though. Still, it was fun to see the Sky Girls and Yuko in Santa outfits. That was defiantly one of the high points of this episode. Aside from that this episode didn’t really offer much at all except the cliffhanger at the end, hopefully the few remaining episodes will be exciting and they don’t waste this slow boring build.

4 thoughts on “Sky Girls – 22”

  1. I particularly enjoyed the episode — had to blog it right away before going to bed, mostly because of the Santa outfits, heh. ^^; (Eika~)

    Sure there’s a lot of filler-esque material, but I’ve enjoyed it all, since I love the Sky Girls universe. The ghost episode to the stranded-on-a-desert-island episode and more. All of which develop the characters a little more and just get you more familiar with them.

    I pieced together the screencaps of those long closeup pans of the girls, too. Would love to get a DVD-version in the future .. Or perhaps the next Megami Magazine would have a poster…

  2. Yeah maybe the only reason they had a Christmas episode was to show off the Sky Santas :). Pretty lighthearted of course and hopefully the last calm before the storm. Just knew that slap was coming for Ryohei. Goes from a relaxed moment right over the top.

    Really is a problem they are only getting serious now. Could have cut a lot of the filler stuff that seemed to have little purpose. But just hope they can make the ending worth the wait, or at least come close.

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