Episode of the Week – 12.14 – ef – a tale of memories – 10

Episode of the Week:

ef – a tale of memories – 10

This was another rather hard decision. I do want to state again that this award is only based really on the specific episode that was released this week (again, having to go by subs) It isn’t a measure of what show is overall best up to this point. Ef – a tale of memories and Myself; Yourself were both top contenders this week. Although ef has been an amazing show continually Myself is really picking up now that it is nearing its conclusion. I anticipate the next two weeks to both be a really close match because both of these shows are concluding in 2 -3 episodes. Most of the other shows that are technically in the running are not coming to a close for another three months, so while these two shows are in the last couple of episodes they are both top places, and as is the case with this week and last, the show between the two that didn’t’ win is easily in second place. That all being said, I have to give this award to ef.

Although Myself had a huge emotional scene involving Shuri and Shuu and seemingly concluding a huge point of drama that they brought involving not only them but their friends, ef still has it beat with its episode. The entire episode had me on the edge of my seat. This is the first episode to not split its focus between Hiro and Renji’s story. Focusing entirely on Hiro and the love triangle going on gave this show effectively double the impact that it normally seems to have. Really this episode completely concluded the love triangle effectively concluding half the series. There may be some loose ends they tie up, as they haven’t really dealt with Kyosuke and there may be more closure for the girl who Hiro didn’t end up with but this was a definite no return nail in the coffin for who Hiro ends up with in the scene that lead up to it had me on the edge of my seat and was just amazing.

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  1. Hiro chose the wrong girl, but that’s my bias against Miyako speaking. The episode was an emotional roller coaster, but the timer sequence at the end was just horribly done with the way the screen kept flashing. I’m looking forward to returning to Renji’s story and possibly wrapping up things with Kyosuke and Kei.

  2. Wow, I’m just glad to see somebody doesn’t hate Kei. Honestly at the beginning she was my number one choice for him and I probably would have liked to see her end up with him in the end because of the history they had, but they just kept piling on the horrible situation Miya’s life is in that I don’t hate that he went with her at all.

    I don’t dislike either girl and even though I would have liked Kei to end up with him, especially in the beginning before Miya showed a lot of these signs of abandonment issues, I still loved the conclusion. However that was at the beginning really. By the end it would have been way too pitiful, the way they set things up, for Miya to end up alone. I think for how they developed things the ending was great and Miya was the right choice in the end considering the buildup they had.

  3. A tough battle this week. Really thought either series could have won this time with what they were pulling out. So definitely not a bad choice to give Ef the award this time around.

    This was a solid episode in concluding things. By completely focusing on the triangle they were able to take care of the major issues that had been hanging around. Like Kei being unable to express her feelings. Even if it was too late, I was glad they got that out there and cleared the air. It would only have been more painful for her to just have Hiro go with Miyako and never say anything about how she felt. Saw that as part of the problem her character had. Instead of getting right to the problem she worked around it. Like making up a story to get Hiro to go with her instead of Chihiro.

    I’ll admit there were times I wasn’t Kei’s biggest fan. But I can understand why she did things and she wasn’t a character who didn’t have any problems to tackle. Wasn’t sure if she’d ever forgive herself for what happened with Chihiro. But at least it seems like she’ll move forward nicely.

    Anyways a good choice for this week. The departure of Shuu and Shuri along with the revelations about Asami made a tough contender this week. Say both episodes did a good job of giving an emotional show for the audience.

  4. I would probably have gone with Myself; Yourself but do concede this was a tough week to pick between those shows. I think overall my bias towards Myself; Yourself probably led to that decision. Myself; Yourself also didn’t waste 1/4 an episode by having no real animation (the countdown does not count, I could draw that).

  5. Oh and if I’m not basing this on shows featured on this blog, I would certainly have chosen Kaiji 9. That episode pretty much annihilated every other episode this week, including the other two recently subbed Kaiji episodes.

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