Myself; Yourself – 11

Hoshino tells Sana the story of her past with Shuri and Shuri and Shuu tell everyone that Shuri will be moving away to London, but Sana believes there is more going on.


Holy shit, that episode was amazing. This episode easily beats out the last episode. Not only did it have an amazing revelation to Hoshino’s character and hat situation, it was incredibly emotional. I teared up at the end, which surprised even me. This was a non romance scene that I teared up at. Just seeing Sana there running up and yelling was so incredibly sad because I did remember the scene form the start of the series when Shuu did the same thing. Then seeing the way Shuu was reacting to it, it was tragic and it wasn’t even about romance just the friendship they had. I’ve cried plenty of times at some tragic romance situations, not many times in situations like this though. I just think the whole situation with Shuu and Shuri running away is tragic. Even though they are together doing it and it might be a better alternative to staying under control of their father who was sending her away, it was still horribly tragic. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to happen, as they couldn’t really stay there but I really didn’t want them to go because of how sad it would be that they are leaving their friends. The situation would be different if they were the main characters and didn’t have the others as friends, but the fact they are loosing something by going made their situation all the more tragic.

Of course, Hoshino had a huge part in this episode as I mentioned. Although I think the Shuri and Shuu aspect of this show was more emotional, Hoshino’s part wasn’t minor at all. I was NOT expecting her to be the one to send the letter or the fact that she loved Shuri or the fact that she has half psycho half the time. As she told her story I just kept getting hit with all theses things I didn’t see coming, show she was thinking to herself that Shuri should suffer more and more and was getting enjoyment out of her pain I was like oh my god she’s crazy. However at the same time I felt bad for her. It’s obvious what she was doing wasn’t good or in any means the right thing to do, however her situation of continuously feeling worthless because she was being treated normally, having to hide herself, not knowing what to do, I did sympathize with her a bit. Its a bit odd that there really isn’t that concrete of and ending to her story, as Shuri was crying when she left and then left for good, Hoshino gets kind of screwed in the end but its still sad for her. Even though she did these horrible things she isn’t that bad of a person really.

All that the show really has left at this moment is the story between Nanaka and Sana, and as the preview shows it seems like it will jump right into it. It seems perfect with the amount of time left. There is a short while so all the focus will be really fast and drama filled instead of having to slowly ease into their story after Shuri and Shuu. I do expect for a romance conclusion to pretty much come at the same time they conclude Nanaka’s fears and her tragic past. Sana being there for her and supporting her through it will likely not only conclude that itself but bring them close enough that they will have their romance ending. I really do hope that it is rather concrete of an ending, like they kiss or at least confess and stat going out. I’d rather hate it if they just ended with the two of them being closer and saying school lie will be normal now, maybe something will happen, blah blah. Here may still e a chance for Shuri and Shuu to return but really I doubt it. Unless they have an epilogue at the end of the series that takes place at least a year later I don’t see them returning.

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  1. lol, I actually wrote both at the same time but since Myself came out first I posted it first. I want the posts to be more staggered so the ef one will air soon.

  2. This really was an episode that blew me away. I mean you were worried about the Shuu and Shuri situation, but Asami just hit me on a blindspot. Any time I considered her writing the letter it was a joking kind of thing because she hadn’t had a big purpose aside from a Nanaka jealously machine. Really was a shocking revelation about her character.

    Can’t say its something that no one could understand. Especially that bit about the dislike of some teachers and students and imagining something terrible happening to them. Anyone that feels that isolated and boxed in would think like that. What she did was terribly wrong and really put even more pain into the twins lives forcing them to this. Only imagine her pain when she finds out they ran off and figuring she played a prominent role in that. Wonder if Sana had a similar situation. He reacted pretty visibly going right ot the window after Asami brought up the teachers and other students…

    But the big part of this emotional roller coaster was Shuu and Shuri. Talking about her having to leave for London was a kind of goodbye to them. Didn’t want to have to handle the others trying to change their minds, but wanting to say a goodbye of some sort.

    Had to feel the emotions of Sana chasing them down. First crying out to them at the station and then going on bike. Finally getting the information of what Shuu said and the emotional impact for everyone. Even I was feeling it with slight tears, since I just don’t cry that much. It’s a really tragic farewell, they will all be friends no matter the distance. Sana left and returned one day. So I believe the twins will also.

    Now two episodes to deal with Sana and Nanaka. Have to find out exactly what happened back then in the fire. Also we need to know exactly what happened to Sana. Forcing him to have to leave his family and return to his hometown alone.

    Don’t think the twins will return. Unless it’s in the last episode as a ‘few years down the road’ kind of thing. Or maybe as we see Nanaka and Sana together (have to believe we will have that) they will flash to Shuu and Shuri wherever they are now.

    Honestly after seeing this and Ef10 I’d hate to make a pick for episode of the week. Both have really left their mark, if there was a time for a tie I’d so go for it here :). Ok so maybe this was less of a comment then a full out…something.

  3. My only complaint about this episode is how long the “revelation” lasted. After 3 minutes of her talking I was like, “Yes, I understand, get on with it!”

    Great episode overall tho.

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