ef – a tale of memories – 10

Hiro chases after Kei after she sees him and Miya together, causing Miya to get concerned about loosing Hiro as well.


Wow…this episode was great. I’ll rant about Kei in the next paragraph so for now I’ll put her aside and just say that I thought the whole conclusion to this love triangle was done amazingly. I was a bit unsure of which way things were going to go when he went of to Kei’s and Miya ran away but in the end I thought it was done very well. Not only did he decisively choose one person but Kei wasn’t really left in a horrible situation. It was very emotional when he talked to her even though he didn’t end up with her they did seem to come to a rather good resolution, at least as good of one they can get without choosing to end up with her. Everything was done rather well. It was a bit surprising that they didn’t feature Chihiro or Renji, but it did leave for a lot of room to focus on this continuously which was a good move I think.

I really have to address this because it’s been bothering me for quite some time. Everyone seems to hate Kei and I don’t really understand why. I really don’t think she’s a bad person yet everyone seems to be taking the things she’s done in the wrong way. Everyone who’s commented seems to say that she is a total bitch and got what was coming to her and I couldn’t disagree more. I’m not necessarily saying that she should have ended up with Hiro, in fact I was very happy with the way this concluded, however I don’t see Kei as a bad person. Sure she did some things that weren’t the nicest. I’m not saying that deleting the messages or anything like that was a super nice thing to do, but it doesn’t mean she is a bad person. In fact Miya was essentially doing things along those same lines. She even admitted it herself how she was desperately clinging to Hiro because of her own selfishness. She dragged him away all the time; she knew he had plans with Kei but would try and keep Hiro all to himself. And in this episode we see that she tried to tell Hiro to not even see Kei, a friend, who was obviously in distress. I’m not saying Miya is a bad person either but I can’t help but quote the whole “All’s fair in love and war” line. Kei had a very tragic situation herself but it wasn’t quite as apparent as Miya’s because they didn’t really state it black and white like they did with Miya. She knew Hiro since she was a child ad has had these feelings for him for YEARS. Then Miya comes in and starts to selfishly take Hiro for herself she was desperate and didn’t know what to do. All she really had was Hiro, Hiro was what was most important to her and she had to do something to try and stop loosing everything that was important to her. She isn’t a bad person at all. She may have done some bad things but so did Miya, and even if she was the only one who did said bad things, she isn’t really a bad person.

I am increasingly interested now in what the Chihiro and Renji story will end up brining. It really seems like the story involving Hiro is pretty set and done. The only thing they may bring up again is Kyo and his movie involving Kei. That is one thing they haven’t really concluded but as far as the love triangle going on that’s pretty much done. It was very eerie to see the message at the end “The girl is the only one in the world” That was actually before the preview so it was a bit more foreboding concerning Chihiro’s situation. This is a situation that really can’t have a happy ending. I mean, the love triangle had a good bittersweet ending for one girl and a happy ending for the other. Even though Kei didn’t end up with him she wasn’t in a hopelessly pathetic situation. She let Hiro know her feelings and all and it sees like they came to a resolution that they would remain close friends especially as she’s the one who inspired his manga and all. However Chihiro’s situation, unless he is completely cured of her memory thing, really can’t end up that happy no matter what happens so it will be interesting to see how things proceed.

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  1. This really was an impressive episode to go through. Went out and completely took care of the love triangle. The honest thing in this is they seriously dealt with it and didn’t leave him with one girl and the other not even addressed.

    On the Kei topic. Of course not all that happy about some things she did along the road. When it came to someone getting closer to Hiro she would react quickly and sometimes in ways you just wouldn’t condone. With Chihiro she dragged him off and a sad twist of fate got Chihiro into that situation because of it. Carrying that guilt she wouldn’t make her move and yet when someone else came in again she couldn’t help herself from striking out at them. Kei was suffering and trying to handle all of it. Feeling bad and responsible for Chihiro and yet not bieng able to move forward in her relationship, it’s rough. Sometimes you can’t forgive some actions, but you can understand them and accept that none of these characters are perfect.

    Never thought the alls fair quote sat right. After all we wouldn’t condone biological weapons or nuking a third world nation, so all isn’t really fair. So maybe I went overboard on that, but some sayings just don’t sit with me. Long as you win it doesn’t matter who gets hurt along the way and I just can’t accept that. As we saw choices had ramifications. Both girls did things because they didn’t want to lose someone who was important to them. Miyako admitted she knew that was she did at times wasn’t right and it was hurting Kei. While Kei never said anything, I’d hope she knew the pain she inflicted as well.

    Anyways do hope Kei finds her happiness down the road. She did finally get to say everything that was hidden in her heart about Hiro and that’s a good thing. Kei is a strong person and will be able to move forward from this point. If Kyosuke is done beating Hiro then maybe he can do something once she’s had time to recover.

    So thought I might comment on the other side now that Kei has been discussed. Hiro finally dealt with everything he needed to. Sitting on the half-way point on a few things couldn’t continue. If he was going to write manga that’s what he should do. Does no one good to somewhat handle school and put his wrist under more stress by doing that and then manga. Hopefully his career is a bright one and that works out fine.

    Making the key choice in regards to the people he cares about. Of course finally got everything into the open with Kei. But also addressing Miyako. The countdown at first was annoying (I call the beeping, distracting me). But soon you got really engrossed as they let out all hte serious topics and cleared everything. Her own trauma of the past having to be settled. Finally she has a place where she can live as herself. Putting everything else in the past and starting to recover from what made her terrified of vanishing.

    Props to Hiro since it can’t be easy to have a very emotional conversation while biking around to every public phone you can find. They also worked in colour that played a key role in their relationship. She brought back the colour to his world and in that dark hour when the time ran out he brought back colour to her world. Do hope they will be fine and can live happily.

    Won’t say I’m not happy that a pair that I hoped for got together. But I also accepted Kei and wish for her happiness. Now they will focus on Chihiro and Renji and I have no clue what resolution will come there.

  2. Hi I have never commented on here before but I was complled to after reading your comments!
    I also agree neither Kei or Miyako are bad people.
    Both of them have issues especially Kei who feels guilty about waht happened to her sister.

    The only thing I don’t agree with which I have heard so many times and not just here is when people say that Miyako ‘took’ Hirino away I know they don’t mean it literally but I don’t think its true nobody can be taken unless they want to so if Miyako did ‘take’ him it’s because Hirino wanted her too.
    Also even Miyako said she was being selfish I don’t think she was intentionally being selfish to spite Kei.

    Even though I dont think Kei was bad she still wasn’t my favourite, this type of love traingle situation is classical in anime where a theres a childhood friend like who has always loved the boy but then he meets someone new and the girl feels like shes losing him and refuses to give them up.
    I although I can sympathise and understand the feelings of characters like kei I never like the way they feel like they deserved to be with the boy just because they’ve known them longer.
    Also even though kei has been with him since childhood she nver told him her feelings due to the guilt she felt from the accident with chihiro thats understandable but at same time you can’t go on without making your feelings clear especially if you love someone and not expect them to find someone else I think if you truly love someone you should find it in yourself to be for them even they love and find happiness with someone else.

    My rant is over!
    As you can see the fact that I flet so much for these charcters mean the creators did a good job, I just hope everyone gets a happy ending. (including Kei!)

  3. Wait till you see ef episode 11! The Chiiro and Renji resolution is melodramatic to say the least, and at least, to me, was jaw-dropping. However, I’m dropping no spoilers, just whetting mouths ;)

  4. wow i just finished this episode
    unlike most ppl i really like kei
    i never really liked miyako, but after seeing her past — i understand her
    it would have been better if hiro chose kei..but that wouldn’t be much of a story, and if he did really like her, he would have showed some of his passion

    i really like what u said about kei and miyako (both are good people)
    i thought what they did was pretty realistic
    very good =D

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