Da Capo II – 08

When Nanaka gets trapped on the roof at school after hours in a rain storm, Yoshiyuki tries to rescue her.


This episode was great. I wasn’t expecting this series to have anywhere near this amount of action in it. Although, it really would have been a completely different story if someone who could actually be hurt got hit by the falling sign, still there was quite a lot of drama over Minatsu’s identity, her being herself regardless, and so on. It was rather exciting for this series so it did surprise me a bit. Although, since they kind of gave it away at the very beginning of the episode like they do with every episode I don’t know if it had as great of an impact, but it was still interesting and quite exciting. I was a bit worried for Minatsu. Not that she would be hurt really but that she would be taken away or something now that this event may have become public.

I am curious about any more future Minatsu problems. She and Koko really are the only characters that are getting any kind of focus. Nanaka got a bit but that really seems as if it’s completely over with, and the two “sisters” haven’t been really included at all. The fact that this episode brought up Minatsu’s identity to everyone, and possibly public knowledge of her identity opens up the gates for even more problems. Although they resolved this problem already, it’s pretty much closed; I’m still bothered by the class rep. She is obviously suspicious of Minatsu and she is the one who said early on that she was pretty much disgusted or hated the idea of robots with emotions. She’s not exactly the best person to be suspicious about a robot with emotions. That added with the fact there was a big public display could equal many ore problems later, I am very interested to see if there will in fact be any more problems or not.

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