D. Gray-Man – 60 (UNLOCK!)

A new, level three, Akuma attacks the ship of exorcists and manages to be impervious to all attacks, causing the exorcists to struggle to stay alive.


This episode was great. It seems like they are continuing to have interesting high action events instead of falling into a lull like the first season did. One of the things that this episode seemed to really have that was interesting was the focus on Lavi. They didn’t completely focus on him but they gave him some development which really made him into a much more interesting character for me. The whole neutral thing is very interesting, as he’s supposed to technically not be on any side and just observe. Now that bookman is dead, which by the way was a freaking huge event, some of that may become more apparent as he is the new bookman and really does have to be neutral. Although, it still bothers me that Lavi only uses one attack. Even though this has nothing to do with his character development…come on….he’s obviously got some fetish with fire, he’s got 12 other elements on that damn hammer to use yet only uses fire.

The new level three Akuma was great. It is so much better then the ridiculously stupid looking level twos. I am curious as to how much longer he will be in the show. I immediately get the impression he will be in the show longer then this one event or encounter because he is in the OP but they’ve featured characters in the OP that didn’t get featured for longer then a couple of episodes, so who knows. I did find it very amusing the way he kept picture framing everything and saying “Title” I found myself several times throughout this episode actually saying title whenever he did that. I still also find it very amusing that his hand gesture thing is what Amu does from Shugo Chara to Character Transform; hence my comment in the post title “Unlock” since that’s what Amu says when she does the hand thing.

I did find it interesting that Cross was brought up in this episode. They seem to have forgot, or at least not mentioned it at all, that they are actually trying to find him, with all the other stuff going on that is immediately interesting or important that kind of gets lost. The fact that this Akuma seems to know where he is is a bit odd. They Earl did say that he wanted to prevent everyone with meeting Cross, not necessarily that they were immediately trying to kill him so the fact that an Akuma knows where he is is interesting. I still think Cross’s power has to do with his mask and face. Like Stark from Farscape (One of my favorite non-anime shows) when he takes off his mask energy is released which will defeat the enemy, as even in a casual situation as shown in the flashback he has it on, so I really don’t think its just to hide some defect or for style.

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  1. lol, well it looked like he was but seeing as how he doesn’t die in hte manga and shikyo just commented he saw ep 61 and was questioning it, I guess he isn’t.

  2. At the very least Bookman is in a rough spot right now. Getting his arm chewed up like that and being dragged high into the air isn’t something to sneeze at. Long as he’s still alive Miranda will be able to restore him. After all the fighting is over and they make it to port we’ll see how much damage he’s taken.

    Can feel for Lavi. He’s supposed to be the next bookman who shouldn’t have ties, but he can’t let everyone go either. With Cross at least you’d think they know something. His ship was attacked so have to wonder what happened to Cross. Was this guy part of the group that attacked him? Or did Cross get away and he brought it up to send that doubt into their minds as to his status or just to make Bookman drop his guard.

    Wish Lenalee the best of luck. She’s going to get into one hell of a fight.

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