Episode of the Week – 12.07 – Myself; Yourself – 10

Episode of the Week:

Myself; Yourself – 10

This week’s decision was a bit difficult because so far the sow hasn’t been simply amazing all the way though, however this latest episode really exploded with some great development. It was a hard choice between this and this week’s ef episode, even though ef had a very exciting episode, this episode of Myself; Yourself just stunned me with what happened.

Really, this episode was huge. They had amazing development between Shuri and Shuu, characters who really for the most part haven’t been focused on much at all. Up until this point there was some minor development, but throughout a lot of the series they were nothing more then side characters who added humor to things and kind of support. They weren’t as involved as Sana, Nanaka, and even Hoshino. However not only did they get included in this episode but they go so much development that they easily could have made the series about just the two of them and their situation and things still would have been interesting and made for a good show. Not only did Shuri and Shuu get development, but there were other huge events that will likely cause drama and just exciting packed episodes for the rest of the show.

3 thoughts on “Episode of the Week – 12.07 – Myself; Yourself – 10”

  1. This is such an incredibly uneven show. I had given up on it as generic and boring until the last couple of episodes. But the developments between Sana and Nanaka, and then the Shuuri/Shuusuke stuff, as well as the old lady’s madness, certainly recaptured my interest. But to pick this over ef? No way for me. ef is becoming a masterpiece.

  2. I’m not saying ef is bad in any way, and overall I like ef way more then Myself; Yourself but the episode of the week is meant to look at just the episode released, not the entire show up until this point. Although ef is way better and is a masterpiece, this individual episode and what it meant for the show I think was more interesting then the episode of ef this week.

    Again, this isn’t measuring the best show up untill this point, as that would go to ef.

  3. Certainly if we were talking overall series Ef would be much higher. But since we are talking about the impact that the episodes had individually then Myself;Yourself won out this time. Each week you get some interesting episodes and sometimes they step way above what the series has been in general.

    The Shuu and Shuri parts really drew me in and made me want to see more of them. You really start off without thinking they are going to be that important and have a generally regular life. But finding out more is a real eye opener as to what they deal with and the suffering they are enduring. Nice to see siblings with that kind of strong bond. Throwing in a climax with the crazy old woman made it an even bigger episode. Oddly enough while the protagnoist didn’t play that big a role it really was one of the best episodes this week.

    Ef had some major moments with Miyako and Hiro of course. Having Chihiro and the struggles for characters in that situation made it a really good episode that I would’ve given the title myself if another episode hadn’t eclipsed it. An excellent series.

    Wasn’t a bad week by any stretch.

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