Myself; Yourself – 10

Someone starts spreading rumors about a romance going on between Shuri and Shuu, causing huge family problems for them and troubling the both of them immensely.


Holy shit! This episode was huge. I wasn’t expecting this kind of episode from this show at all. Perhaps maybe half of what happened in this episode in the last episode or something but this really just exploded with development all around. They really went far with the Shuri and Shuu story. I wasn’t expecting it to be this big, yet it was so interesting I felt while watching it that this could have been its own series. The kind of family problems they were having were so interesting that it could have been a full series and still been good. Then they had more of the extremely crazy psychopathic old bitch. That surprised me too, not that she was that messed up but that she would go after Shuri and that Hoshino actually got stabbed. For a second there I thought she might die things where getting that serious in the show.

I do hope that they don’t end up going to London. Although I agree they probably need to get out of the situation they are in, it just seems like if they went that far away it would be too sad considering the other characters and their connection. If this was a story that was just focused on the two of them, and as I said above it’s interesting enough that it could have been, it wouldn’t be a problem. But considering the other characters and their relationship to the two of them I think that them going away would be too sad of an event as if they were just running away. It would be better if they somehow got separated form that house but still stayed around.

It seems as if the next couple of episodes are just going to be packed with drama. Although this show didn’t really have a hard hitting drama packed early run, they still seem like they are going to be ending with some pretty big stuff, which isn’t that typical for a show that was as steady going in the early part as this one. They still have to conclude Nanaka and Sana. Its not just an issue of romance either it has to address Nanaka’s traumatic past, her uncles betrayal, Sana’s past trouble, his hemophobia plus they have to conclude the Shuri and Shuu deal which has become just as interesting if not more then Sana’s story. I’m definitely highly anticipating the rest of this series.

6 thoughts on “Myself; Yourself – 10”

  1. I’m sure you mean Sana’s Hemophobia.

    I also really liked this episode. Shuri is my favorite character so anytime she’s featured is a bonus. So what are we thinking? The step-mom sent the letter? That seems the most logical.

    I still can’t believe the old lady shanked Hoshino. Sana must have dropped like a stone.

  2. Would also put my bet on the step-mom. Just seems likely with her hate of the siblings, bringing up that she thought they were too close, and her sleeping around that’s probably her first line of thought.

    Really have to say this was one massive episode. This series has had some major episodes lately aside from the theme park one. The Shuri and Shuu story really is extremely interesting and I’d almost wish it had its own series to explore that. At the start I wasn’t expecting much from the two of them except some humorous antics. But wow they’ve really stepped up and I almost want Sana to step back so they can have even more time :).

    Its such a tight bond between two siblings who have lost a lot and feel like they are backed into a corner. Looking out for each other and having that connection that lets them understand how much the other is hurting. Certainly Shuri being sent to London has pushed things too far. First the father beats on his kids endlessly and is so absorbed with himself he doesn’t give a damn about them. I hope his wife sleeping around gets out and his political career gets a massive stain. Not from his children that have been his constant worry, but from the woman they knew was trouble.

    But wow I didn’t expect the old lady to go after Shuri. Nanaka was my bet the whole time and I was really worried about Shuri there. Seems like Asami built a second function aside from being a target of jealousy. Was worried she’d died due to loss of oil…I mean blood.

    It’d be tough but right now I’d push this beyond even Elf as the episode for the week.

  3. This was a very good episode, and like others have said the amount of story packed into this episode was shocking. I really did not expect much from the twin’s story but it was great. The dad’s attitude towards the kids was awful and the step-mom was just as bad, worse if she was the one who sent the letter. The vice-principal pissed me off too, he based his entire argument on an anonymous letter.

    As for the crazy old lady, how dare she stab Hoshino (my favorite character). This scene was shocking and I’m sure Sana freaked out. His reaction to the knife with oil, I mean blood, was pretty bad, and Hoshino was bleeding everywhere.

  4. Well I got one idea about the vice-principal: I think there is a connection between him and the step-mom. Maybe he has had her too and is in love.

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