ef – a tale of memories – 09 (Again….WOW)

Chihiro reads her diary to learn of her situation for the first time in four years, having all her memories gone and Renji tries to deal with her situation as Miya and Hiro go further in their relationship.


HOLY SHIT! This episode was huge as well, just like most of the episodes in this series. This show conti9nually amazes me. There are practically no filler or fluff moments in it, this episode of course being no exception. Both stories were interesting, I’m classifying there as really being two stories, Renji and Chihiro and the love triangle (perhaps square) Renji and Chihiro’s story was great, but the love triangle really had huge moments, so I’ll talk about that first.

I can’t believe how far advanced things have gotten in the love triangle. I mean, it would have been a huge enough episode if Miya and Hiro just kissed. If that’s all they did it STILL would have been huge for the show. However the fact that they actually had sex….I mean…..MY GOD…I wasn’t expecting that at all. Hell, even if the show would have gotten further down the road I didn’t think that this show would go that far into the relationships but now that it has it just adds a huge level of seriousness to everything. Then of course Kei already finds out about it, as shown in the end scene and completely freaks out about it. I’m really not sure what to think right now. I mean, the instant I saw that scene I felt so incredibly sorry and bad for Kei while at the same time not necessarily feeling that she should have been the one to end up with Hiro. It really seemed form a lot of what they showed here that Miya is kind of a better match and the fact that they already kissed and had sex kind of points to them being the ones that end up together in the very end. Still, even if Kei doesn’t fit Hiro as well I still feel sorry for her, she’s got nothing going on for her and still has this guilt from Chihiro’s accident, and I really hope they give her good closure. Not that that means she has to end up with Hiro, but that she ends up happy in the end because she is a good character for the most part and it’s sad to see her like this.

Then of course there was Chihiro and Renji’s story. It was still very interesting even if it didn’t have some huge drama moments like Hiro’s. It was interesting to see Chihiro’s initial reaction when she learned of her situation. It really is as if she is a different person effectively reading something that says this is who you are. I wouldn’t react well to that if I was supposed to believe some diary that this is me. Still, it was good to see her return more or less to normal, but they held onto that drama of if she is a different person or not which will be really interesting to see. It was interesting to see Renji freaking out about it. It was much more understandable then him freaking out before because it is hard to say whether or not Chihiro effectively died or not. To go through something like that has to be brutal. Finally the bit about taking Chihiro’s story seriously was very interesting. I’ve always tried to pay attention to her story because of how odd it is and how it fits with her situation and it seems like that will indeed be a very big part of the show.

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  1. I agree this was another big episode. Really impressive how they can just keep on hitting you fast and with force. Not wasting times with fillers and just telling the story.

    A big episode for Miyako and Hiro of course. No shock he rushed out to see her when he found out where she was. But they had a pretty serious conversation about freedoms. Plus it just felt like they could talk easily about seirous parts of their lives. Things had been building between them all series long with some breaks thanks to Kei. But the kisses and what followed were an easy progression. Still agree it was quite the surprise how far things went. Not often you’d see that and instead spend the whole series wondering if two characters would even kiss period.

    The Kei situation has me on middle ground. Yes immediately you do feel for her. Considering how she feels about Hiro and all she did to try and keep him from Miyako. That’d be quite the shock and wow when you can outrun a bike on an injured leg you are good. But you can also feel a bit of karma in it. Erasing phone calls, the whole coming out of the shower thing, Kei just went with some methods it’s hard to respect and eventually got burned. Do hope things work out for her though. Been spending time with Kyosuke so who knows.

    Certainly a rough situation with Renji and Chihiro. Having to shoulder massive topics like whether Chihiro he knew died. Finding out that she had loved him and acted under the belief that she had already told him. Not sure how that pairing is going to finish out really. Unless there is some way for Chihiro to break from the chains that bind her to 13 hours of memory. Her story has been a real window and I wonder how it will end.

  2. It may be wrong but I did not feel sorry for Kei one bit, in fact she got exactly what she deserved. First Kei threatened Miyako saying she would erase Miyako from Hirono’s mind. Then she deletes all the messages left by a panic stricken Miyako. Then there was the towel scene at Hirono’s apartment, which was another taunt by Kei.

    I’m also not convinced she truly regrets what happened to her sister and she would probably make the same decision if given another chance. Ok maybe I am a bit anti-Kei but she just seems like a very heartless character to me. The type of character who does what she wants and doesn’t care about the consequences of her actions.

  3. Kei is selfish to me.
    She wanted Hirono to hang out with her, even though he made a promise to Chihiro, in turn causing Chihiro to become sad and start running after them, thus getting hit by a car.
    And her selfishness is shown throughout the series, even believing she’ll become better at cooking just because she wants to impress Hirono.

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