Episode of the Week – 11.30 – Clannad – 09

Episode of the Week:

Clannad – 09

No other show really stood a chance this week with episode nine of Clannad. Ef – a tale of memories has been putting p a good fight though, with some great episodes lately. It looks to be filled with drama and tragedy until the end now but really nothing can stand up against the end of a character arc for an anime adapted from a Key game. Nothing stands a chance against something that powerful, and seeing as how this episode was the end of the Fuko arc it grabbed this week’s award with little effort.

I try not to spoil anything in these posts, you can go to the episodes individual post for more information and all, but really this episode was amazing. It had both sad and happy moments at the same time, oddly enough mixing them sometimes with moments that were both. I’m definitely pleased with the way it turned out and really it couldn’t have gone any better in my opinion. It had some very high emotion scenes in it and I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to say that it caused me to tear up a couple of times. It was a great episode.

5 thoughts on “Episode of the Week – 11.30 – Clannad – 09”

  1. Just can’t disagree with your decision. Clannad 9 was nothing short of spectacular. The tears started coming from my eyes around the 13:40 mark, and just wouldn’t stop until the credits. It was so beautiful…

  2. Kudos for Kyoto for giving us Kouko/Yuusuke couple with a wedding dress clothes. This was not in the original game.

  3. I can’t disagree, either, although the events near the end of this week’s episode of ef — in both stories, but especially in Chihiro’s — pushed it up to a new level. However, like you, there were tears in my eyes for much of the last half of this ep of Clannad. I had been a bit disappointed in the series. Not now.

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