ef – a tale of memories – 08

Renji continues to help Chihiro on her story while Hiro tries to contact Miya even though Kei deleted all her messages and tried to make her memory disappear.


NOOO!! Damnit, not Chihiro’s memories! Damnit, I feared that this moment would come. Ever since the beginning when they established Chihiro’s situation and introduced that someone would be involved with her I had guessed and feared that there would be a tragic moment where she just completely got him. Up until now it seems as if she’ been reading her diary enough o at least keep a basic knowledge of him, even before she pushed herself to the limit. GAH! They had gotten much closer in their relationship too. Even though I figured a moment like this would come I’m still extremely worked up over it. Not that I think the show shouldn’t have had it, its great for the show as it makes it so much more interesting and just more serious. Still, I didn’t think it would happen this soon. I really doubt that Chihiro will actually regain her memory. Even though Renji seemed to think it was getting better it just seems that without some supernatural thing going on it will remain abnormal so the situation is more or less destined to be tragic, still, it still kind of sucks when it actually happens.

I do want to also talk about the love triangle going on, as it wasn’t really as interesting in this episode but it’s still been an important part of the series. I was a bit surprised there wasn’t a bit more drama but I suppose things are setting up for a situation between everyone that is super high tension. One thing that I’m a bit surprised about is how I view Kei. I don’t really see her right now as someone who is necessarily a bad person even though when looking at the facts of what she did it would seem that way. I mean, she’s deleted Miya’s messages, denied her contact with Hiro, she’s been sneaky and so on while Miya hasn’t done anything except meet Hiro and spend time with him. Still, I can’t help but feel that Kei has a good reason. They’ve done a good job at developing her character because although it seems nasty for her to say how she will erase Miya it’s essentially just her fighting to keep someone she loves, and essentially Hiro is all Kei has. Her sister is in no condition to be friends with her normally she has horrible guilt over what happened, Hiro is a childhood friend. So even though Kei has done more ore less bad things, I still don’t think she’s a bad person. I’m really not sure who I want Hiro to end up with.

I am growing very very curious as to what the deal is with the weird woman who looks like she’s a nun. She’s been featured in the show several times now, appearing to almost all the characters, or at least three of them that I can think of. She appears mysteriously and almost supernaturally next to everyone but the characters who encounter her don’t find her odd at all. They don’t question who the hell this random nun is that talks to them and how the hell she appeared from thin air. They talk to her as if they know her and she gives them advice, yet they haven’t explained her at all. It almost seems like she is some kind of metaphor, like she’s not real at all and a way for the characters to examine themselves. I really don’t think the show will end up having supernatural aspects to it, as it wouldn’t make things nearly as interesting, but I still hope they explain the nun.

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  1. My personal theory is that the “nun” is an angel, or even God Herself. She is first seen in church, and appears when characters are suffering personal crisis.

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