Clannad – 09

Nagisa and Tomoya celebrate Fuko’s sister’s wedding together two days before, but when they wake up they have no memory of her.


Wow, that was amazing. I couldn’t have hoped for a better end to Fuko’s arc. Really, it was great. It had some very sad moments to it but also ended with a kind of happy note. I will admit now that a couple times throughout this I teared up. It was incredibly sad. Not just the times when she disappeared necessarily, but just seeing her being so happy and cute while knowing her doom was hard to watch. You could see it in her character that she knew she was going to disappear. However even though I knew it was coming, I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that she would end up disappearing, when Nagisa and Tomoya woke up and she wasn’t there, and didn’t remember her, it was very sad. It was almost painful, in a good way for the show, to watch the two of them stumbling about trying to remember her and things that had happened because of her.

Even though this episode was sad in many ways it ended on a great note. Not that I absolutely love tragic and sad endings, but they kind of ended in a happy way without making everything they had done so far useless. I would have been kind of upset if Fuko didn’t disappear at the end of this episode. I don’t really care if she comes back later, in fact I kind of hope she does. I hope she wakes up later down the road but even if she doesn’t, it’s still a happy ending. Her feelings were shown to have stayed with people and her actions did cause for people to gather for her sisters wedding. Just seeing all she had done was sad and happy at the same time, I really couldn’t have asked for this arc to have gone any better.

The next arc seems to focus on Kotomi. She is definitely one of the more interesting characters, personality wise. I’m not too sure what to expect from her arc as really, when I first stated watching this show I said that Fuko and Kotomi’s arcs will likely be two of the less interesting and less serious ones because both of them have very over the top, in a good way, funny and quirky personalities. Just the random “normal” stuff they do was funny, however Fuko’s arc proved to be amazing and had a serious and sad element to it, so I can’t really say that Kotomi’s arc doesn’t have a chance, I’m just not sure what it will be about.

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  1. One thing that struck me was how they even forgot the conversation about using first names, as Tomoya goes back to using Furukawa immediately upon waking up.

    The “english” song ruined the episode for me quite a bit though, I could hardly concentrate on what was actually happening because of how grating the bad grammar/translation was. Why must they do that?

  2. Derek, that is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. It was a great episode and for it to be ruined because of a song that was in English is just plain stupid and narrow minded of you.

    The grammar isn’t that fucking bad, for it to “ruin” the episode for you doesn’t say anything about how good the episode was but how good you are at judging a show’s worth, which obviously isn’t very high. If you couldn’t concentrate because of a fucking song then thats not exactly a problem on the shows part, but on your intelligence.

  3. Actually, I felt the grammar/translation was pretty terrible. In fact, many of the sentences didn’t even make any sense. But we are free to disagree on that point.

    The point though is that in anime, an audio-visual form of story telling, the music is a vital part of any scene. A scene’s dynamic is vastly affected by the music and I felt the entire experience fairly distorted when the song came on.

    Perhaps others may not find the music element to be as important, but I do.

    For the record tho, overall, I did enjoy the episode, but when a show/scene has a song inserted into like that, it is a fairly important part of the work. Given that there was no contexual necessity for that song to even be in English, if it cannot be done properly in english and doesn’t need to be, it really should have just been in Japanese instead.

    Also, if I didn’t like the episode, the song couldn’t have ruined it quite a bit for me now could it? ;) If I already disliked it, then there is nothing to ruin! Anyway, I wasn’t saying it made the whole episode crap, that’s why I didn’t say “ruined the entire episode” but it did make the experience, as a whole, not as enjoyable as it could have been.

  4. I agree, this episode was great. My eyes is “wet” when watching this episode. But it really a nice episode. I believe in the later story have some more sad story waiting me, need to prepare more tissue paper.

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