Shakugan no Shana II – 08

Margery tells of her troubled past and explains how dangerous and cruel the world of flame hazes can be.


This episode was great, it made me very interested in what was going on and odd enough it also kind of made me disappointed in the show as well, but in a good way. Some of the things they focused on were incredibly interesting. Not just Margery’s past, but the entire topic of this flame haze world. Having things like organizations, long complicated pasts, reasons for becoming flame hazes, and just the general “culture” and the world of flame hazes, their motivation, was great. Even though this show has been focusing on a flame haze, Shana, they haven’t really shown that kind of focus. They’ve really focused on her as a character, things like her feelings and so on. I’m disappointed because this episode showed that there is amazing potential for some really interesting stories, not just back stories on characters but just stories about events in the past regarding flame hazes that he show has yet to touch on. Things like some war and things as simple as relationships between people who haven’t seen each other in hundreds of years. The flame hazes have their own world really and the show has yet to touch on that as much as I think it should. This episode was great and I really really hope that they have more episodes like it. Not the Margery part necessarily, but just the general focus they had when they were telling her back-story, really involving that unique world. Like, I want to know how Tiamat and Alastor met essentially or friction they had when they each got new hazes and were saying how they were blah blah, I don’t really care the specifics, but they need to include this flame haze world more.

Other then just using this whole flame haze world and history, it was very interesting to see Margery get some development. She’s one of my least favorite characters really just because she’s never really proved to actually do anything. She hasn’t shown any development before this and even after being introduced to the series she didn’t really do anything. However her past seems interesting enough that it could make her overall character more interesting and a bit more redeeming.

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  1. I agree with you whole heartedly, however…I think the problem lies with the fact that the anime is based on a long series of novels. Those in charge of the anime’s productions are most likely trying to follow the path of events in the novels, and given that the novel series has well over 10 light novels the author probably intended originally to introduce these topics slowly. I really wish there had been some way to speed up/compress episodes 3-6/7 into more like 2 episodes, but they did have some character development. So while they were boring, they they will probably end up making later (and hopefully more exciting) episodes have more impact. I love the whole world of Shakugan no Shana, and I know I’m stuck with watching it (and later buying it) regardless of how shoddy I think the past episodes in this second season have been, but the people in charge of the anime should have realized that they are not going to attract new viewers to the series by having 5 episodes of dreadfully mundane shit. You can get away with this in a series of novels, or hell even in the middle of a season, but not in the beginning of a season if you intend to draw in new people. Novels, people can easily pick up by buying the first book for pretty cheap whenever they want, but with a broadcast anime, for new viewers to get enough interest to go out and buy the first season to make sense of, and continue watching a show in a second season you have to do something differently than has been done in the beginning of season 2. Oh well, hopefully this episode which was fantastic is a sign of good things to come (as I am sure it is, because no novel series would sell that many books without being pretty solid).

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