Shakugan no Shana II – 07

Everyone goes to an amusement park and Ike tries to plan out the day perfectly in order to show his good qualities to Yoshida.


I thought this episode was interesting, however for the most part it didn’t seem like much happened. Even regarding Ike who the episode really was centered on didn’t get too much development, which is a bit of a shame. I’m not saying he’s my favorite character or anything but he does have a very interesting situation with his feelings towards Yoshida, it is rather tragic in a way. Yoshida obviously likes Yuji and probably wouldn’t go out with anyone because she likes him; however Shana has to be the one who ends up with Yuji so essentially she won’t go out with Ike for no reason, leaving Ike in a no win situation and Yoshida in a way that will end up hurting herself and another. Still, even with that great potential character development it really felt as if this episode didn’t do much of that. It really was a fluff episode for the most part that just centered on Ike. It’s a bit of a shame; if they are going to make Ike the center of the episode they really would have been much better off making it more serious. It seems way too early in the series of them to focus on something like that, making his episode this time a waste.

The other rather interesting bit in this episode was really just mentioned in passing, they didn’t put a big emphasis on it at all but I found it very interesting that Satou, I think that’s his name, asked how to become a Flame Haze. I never really ever considered him or the other guy who hang out with Margery as good character for some character development, but they have planted a little seed with this that could easily become very interesting. It also seems like this will spark some character development for Margery too, which could end up being interesting. She’s also another character that never was really serious but in showing her past they could redeem her character rather well and make her interesting.

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  1. Yeah pretty fluff episode in terms of what happened. Shana showed off and owned the video game world :). But was hoping for some more development in the direction you showed. The problems that will come down the road with Yoshida having feelings for Yuji and the dangers for Ike. Instead there was a lot of his creepy emotional face when she was nice to him. Not to mention he really needs to see a doctor. When the Ferris Wheel makes you ill, you have real problems.

    Do think Satou asking about becoming a Flame Haze is pretty interesting. He is the one who has less attachments anyways. I’m sure he can tell that Yuji won’t be around forever and Shana is going with. Unlike his friend he’s not really involved with any girls and clearly the family isn’t close either. So is a possible candidate for at least going off. Will be interesting to see how this turns out.

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