D. Gray-Man – 59

Allen continues his training to try and find a way to reactivate his Innocence so he starts fighting Fou, in hopes his Innocence will return in the heat of battle.


This episode was ok, it really didn’t have anything too exciting happen in it, but then again I do think that my expectations are still high form the roller coaster of huge episodes they recently had. It wasn’t a bad episode in any way, as even if nothing much happened in it at least it was still focused on the plot and not just on some random village being attacked and so on. Although Allen continued his training in the end it really seemed as if he made no progress whatsoever and they didn’t give Fou any development at all, just kind of said, “Oh by the way she’s not real/human, she’s some guardian thing, have fun”

The one interesting thing I did find in this episode thought was the appearance of the two new Generals. Well, not new in the sense they haven’t been Generals long, I’m sure they have, but they haven’t been included in the show as of yet. The big guy defiantly seems like an asshole, but an asshole on the good side and the woman seems to not be so mean. It should e interesting regardless of their personalities just because here are Generals and I think that may be all of them. The two of them, the painter guy, and Cross are all that is left I think so with these two all of them have been introduced. I think, I’m not sure what this whole High General thing is about. Still, it will be interesting to see what they bring to the show and if their appearance will immediately mean something more exciting or if they won’t’ come into play for a while.

I do have to say something on a completely unrelated note that doesn’t really mean anything, but I just burst out in laughter at the preview for the next episode when I saw the new “demon” making that whole picture frame thing with his fingers. I had just been thinking of the show Shugo Chara and how the main character Amu does the whole finger triangle thing and flips it, saying “Unlock” to change personalities. The instant I saw the demon thing make that with his fingers I started laughing and said UNLOCK!

3 thoughts on “D. Gray-Man – 59”

  1. Xebek, the last two generals introduced in this episode, as far as the manga has gone, have yet to play a role.

    It will be a very long while until we can see those two in action, and I’m not forgetting about that elusive of Cross either.


  2. I really love D. Gray-man now that it is following the manga. I wonder how they will gonna end the series now that the manga is still ongoing or will they let it go on forever (i hope not).

    I just have to say that the omake at the end of this episode is my favorite with that allen chuckle. lol

  3. Geeze Allen made it close here. After all that’s been going on he nearly dies just trying to get his innocence back. Decapitation isn’t much fun.

    The new demon may have brought an initial funny response, but be certain he’s no lightweight.

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