Myself; Yourself – 08

Sana learns the truth about what happened to Nanaka in the past and tries to find a way to help her and put her at ease.


Wow, this was a great episode. I was getting a bit frustrated with all of the episodes that this show has recently had that didn’t focus on the relationship aspects this series had going for it. Although for the most part this show is set up like any other school romance, it just seems to feel different to me in a good way with the amount of drama they are putting into things. It’s more serious and interesting, which this episode showed really nicely. Hopefully they don’t loose that momentum. It’s not too far until the series will be over, if this is a short 12-14 episode series like I think it is. In that case if the show could just keep this kind of seriousness and not drop into another lull I think in general this series will just turn out great. I absolutely loved the drama and emotions that were shown when Nanaka and Sana were talking. Revealing that Nanaka has this dark of a past and how much she suffered just makes things so much better. That seems kind of wrong, as I’m happy that someone had a traumatic childhood, but it does make the show more interesting.

Although this show had some great momentum in terms of the show going in the right step I still fear it will drop back down to focusing on some other crap. There is still the insanely crazy old woman who buried the bird and the cat alive. They haven’t concluded that so that could easily come up soon. If not then it will make the series even weirder for developing and starting an arc like that and then not finishing it then. Still, I’ll be fine if that happens as lone as they give Sana and Nanaka the development and conclusion they desperately need. That’s easily the best part of this how and I will be very pissed if they waste the potential they have built up. They still have Hoshino they haven’t dealt with really, but I almost get a feeling like her part is over a bit. She was already used to make Nanak jealous and mad, yet Sana explained himself. It seems like it would be too repetitive for something like that to happen again and they haven’t done anything as far as developing her character, if they start now and try and give her some drama it won’t work out very well, but I’m sure she won’t be out of the show entirely either, so that is one thing I’m wondering about.

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