ef – a tale of memories – 07 (HOLY CRAP!)

Renji continues to help Chihiro with writing her book while Miya looks upon her feelings as she waits for the date with Hiro that he stood her up on.


HOLY SHIT! That episode was f’ing amazing. This is by far one of the most interesting and exciting episodes of this series and I don’t remember a single episode ever getting me so damn worked up about a show especially when it wasn’t the final episode or the climax of the series. I was on the edge of my seat continually fidgeting while watching this show. At the end too, after the credits, I screamed “NOO!” and slammed the nearly empty two liter nearby to the ground. I mean, I’m not even a huge Miya fan, I’m still undecided really who I want the love triangle to play out yet the actions and events in this episode just pulled me in so much I felt for the characters. It really drew me in.

First of the major things was Chihiro and Renji’s story. Their situation has always been very interesting and intriguing, there are so many possibilities for how their emotions are acting considering Chihiro’s condition that it is continually full of sudden turns. I’m still just fascinated by the story they are writing. The story itself is interesting and intriguing but the way it connects to Chihiro’s situation is just as fascinating. All of the talk about the girl escaping from reality and loneliness and about good or bad endings. Obviously this has some connection to Chihiro herself and isn’t just a story, so that alone is interesting. However even not even regarding that, Renji had a breakdown and literally just spazzed out when Chihiro asked if he wanted to kiss her. I don’t entirely blame him and the situation has to be so weird emotionally. Chihiro seemed sad when she was saying it and I agree with Renji a bit, after all she hand’ said anything about liking him and it seemed weird and out of place, however from that even more misunderstanding took place causing Chihiro to run off, easily putting a huge dent in their relationship and because of Chihiro’s memory could easily be devastating for any relationship, romance or not, between them.

Then of course the other extremely huge thing was Miya’s breakdown. It’s now pretty obvious what her situation is. She doesn’t have a terminal disease or anything to make her tragic but she certainly has a shit load of emotional problems with abandonment and being all lone, vanishing from people’s hearts. This has almost pissed me off with how much this show is making me care about the characters. I didn’t really see that big of a draw from Miya ending up with Hiro until now. Kei is the one with the troubled past that seems like it would be devastating for her to not end up with Hiro, Miya was just a random person. However now that Miya freaked out because he missed a date, going crazy believing he is forgetting about her and all, that was huge. Now it’s devastating and tragic for either one of them no matter how it turns out and I don’t see how they can really make it be a happy ending for both girls. I’m still unsure of who I want to end up with Hiro or who is going to, but I certainly care a lot more about it now. They both have reasons they should be with him and reasons it would be horrible for them to not.

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  1. BEST.EPISODE.EVER!!!!!! for a romance anime that is :)

    THAT WAS EPIC!!!! I was speechless after the episode ended.

    This is just an amazing series. before seeing episode 7, I liked Chihiro’s and Renji’s story more, but episode 7 took the love triangle to another level. there are so many things that I like about the show.

    SHAFT are on top of their game with this production. can’t wait for episode 8!!!!

  2. Well we’ve certainly hit a major thing here. Got that series problem that Xebek almost called out for :) and it doesn’t seem to surround death so there you have it. But at any rate this was a massive episode and just had emotions all over the place.

    No doubt things have reached a hard point for Renji. Emotions are the tough thing. Chihiro can read what’s happened but it’s not possible to re-read absolutely everything so some conversations are going to be repeated. Also she seems to treat herself like a character in a story. It’s the right time for her to kiss Renji not necessarily that she likes or is in love with him. I’m sure it’s just reached a point for Renji where he can realize the seriousness of being with her and how hard it will be for both of them. Curious how they will progress from this point on.

    But a real difficult situation is with the triangle. Finally know what’s Miyako’s problem. I just knew (even if I hadn’t mentioned it here) that her parents were a key point to this. The way she wanted to avoid the topic when she cooked him dinner seemed to call it out. But now we can find the terror in her heart about disappearing from people’s lives. The irony that she brought colour into Hiro’s life at the same time he brought colour back to hers. But now the question comes to what will she do now? Regardless of the impact her message would have brought Kei’s cold nature went to destroy them.

    A real problem is not only the mental state for Miyako, but Kei as well. She seems to feel guilt and that she can’t tell Hiro how she feels because its unfair to Chihiro. She has put herself into this friend/sister role. But whenever someone has gotten close to him (Chihiro and now Miyako) she strikes to put distance between them. He can’t be with anyone but her and she’ll do whatever it takes.

    Really this series has been quite the ride so far. Some deep questions and problems with the characters. I don’t know what is going to happen from here on out but I can’t wait to see. Won’t say that I don’t want Miyako to win because I do. Just a shock of what is behind these characters. Whew may have gone overboard on this one, heh.

  3. This was a great episode!

    I think the one that Hiro should end up with is Miyako…I didn’t quite like how Kei took Hiro’s phone and then started erasing all the messages from Miyako, this situation = super deceitful.

  4. Kei annoyed the heck out of me when she deleted those messages.
    She doesn’t realize what a tragic b she’s being.

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