Da Capo II – 06

Yume asks Yoshiyuki to bring Minatsu over for dinner because she hasn’t been making many friends at school.


I thought this episode was very interesting. It had some really good development of Minatsu. I was expecting there to be some development of her, especially considering she falls under the category of being a shy girl but is more tsundere in that instead of hiding away she yells. Still, I was very impressed and a bit surprised at the actual development they gave her. I thought that it was going to be something rather shallow, and it started out to be too. I thought it was just going to involve her learning she needs to trust people or what not but when they actually went into why she hated humans, that all these robots had feelings they just couldn’t do anything it took things up a bit. It made the situation a bit more seriously and Minatsu’s character became so much more interesting.

I am a bit curious as to what kind of drama they are going to show involving Koko. They didn’t really actually have it go anywhere this episode, but they hinted at a bit of disturbance given Yoshiyuki was blowing off practice, Koko wasn’t able to spend time with him, and Nanaka saw him with another girl. Although on the surface this series seems to be just like other harem or school romance/comedies I do find it different in just the fact that Koko and Yoshiyuki are already going out and there has to be some different and interesting drama between them that would be different then if it were a normal situation. I don’t really know where it is going to end, I had thought that he wouldn’t end up with Koko just because of how early they put the two of them together but so far there hasn’t really been any hint of something really big happening between them. It’s not like other shows that have a “confession” at the beginning either, so perhaps he will stay with her. In several shows there are times when a girl will confess and the guy will go out with her even if he doesn’t like her or “go out” with them which is just the guy tolerating the super energetic girl claiming to be his girlfriend. However neither really seem to fit here, so hopefully it will be something different and if it is it could easily prove very interesting.

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