Hayate no Gotoku – 33

Hayate is forced to help out everyone at Hakou Academy, and tries to find time to meet Nagi so they can explore the festival together.


I liked this episode quite a lot. It didn’t really have anything that made it spectacular; it was just fun and random. Overall it was an average episode for this series, but that still makes it rather fun to watch. It definitely was on the side of being really random and weird. It seems like the show in general has kind of moved more towards being really random and weird and I don’t think it is the best development for the show. It almost seems as if the show used to have comedy that was a bit more cleaver and now it is more slapstick with things that don’t make any sense at all. It’s still a good show, as I did enjoy this episode and several of the other episodes that are on the more weird side, it just seems like they aren’t as good as the first part of this series when things were a bit less crazy. I hope that things will return to being a bit cleverer of comedy like the first part of this show after they are done with all the butler battles. That is one thing that seems to be making it as weird and random as it is.

I am a bit anxious to find out what happens. They don’t do two parter episodes in this series a lot and this one defiantly seems to have a bit of a cliffhanger as to what the hell is going on with Nagi. The fact that the butler battle actually meant something and wasn’t five minute random bout did really make the overall butler battle more interesting. I hope the rest of them are more like this because when they are just thrown in there like the earlier ones it makes the entire episode wackier, not in a good way. Still, the fact that this is a two parter really makes the episode itself more interesting and it seems like if anything this set up for the next episode, which hopefully means it will be great too. With the set up they have to parody and make fun of the whole “true culture festival” it will hopefully be good.

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  1. It could’ve been better – although the Butler Battle ‘in the show’ is a change from the previous episodes. One thing that we could’ve used more of would be Hinagiku time; the two of them looked almost like they were on a date, which would’ve gotten Nagi horribly upset, had she been more in her right mind than she is right now with the hypnosis(?) helping her act out her subconscious impulses.

    Of course, Nagi seems to have forgotten that Hayate already won a manga contest when he was younger…

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